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What do you use it for? I have just tried using it and basically find it no different than inputing notes in the sequencer. If anything, it is more limited.

Maybe, I missing something. Please elaberate on it. Drummer

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22-03-2008 09:25
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use it to automate filters, that way you can do some nasty stuff with it, without the hassle of drawing automation lines all over the place.

you can connect the output cv and gate cv to a number of modulation inputs on any synth/sampler in reason

toy around, you'll find some real intresting stuff

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22-03-2008 10:46
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geta pad sound----->chuck a filter on it------->flip round matrix and attach " curve cv" on the matrix to "freq cv" on the filter unit---------->go back to matrix and change it from Key to curve----->draw in some shizzle-----> when you play the song and pad you'll get a lovely gated sound

the cv control is what really makes reason so flexible.


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