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Hi people,
Just wanted to ask you Logic fans if its worth dishing out a bit more money to buy a mac so i can run Logic?

What is it about Logic that you guys like? etc, etc.

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19-02-2008 13:50
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Basicly its what you use to work with, cubase , ableton, .... will do just as fine on pc as logic on mac, if your pc is up to it. But IMHO=Logic is the top!!! Big Grin

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19-02-2008 14:05
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If I were you I'd first try to get a "hands on" experience with Logic, preferably form some DnB head. Only that way you can get a good opinion about it.
After all, any piece of hardware is too expensive if you don't use it.

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I have been to look at a lot of music tech universities and they are all running logic on macs. I have spoken to the tutors and they say that logic is a far more sophisticated and versatile sequencer than most of the other ones on the market.

Do you agree?

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20-02-2008 13:10
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Ok here is a subject I know a lot about.

I went to engineering college and used just about all the software there is.

The first thing to get into your head is that assuming you are using a decent program on a pc, such as Cubase, then the same results are possible...there is no denying that.

It can however be said that Logic is "better", and it is. Out of the box. Cubase comes with shit everything pretty much, and you have to add the plug ins you want after you get it.

Some people claim that Logic is more stable, because it is all made by Apple, but this just is not true anymore since Macs starting using intel chips and bla bla...I had a pc with cubase which had less bugs than my mac with logic...

It is also much much easier to uh.... well... "find" plug ins for a pc than a mac. and also get genuinely cool good ones which are actually free... such as "D-blue Glitch". That being said though , if you got logic pro 8, or 7, the plug ins included are everything you need and do work very well... so its all there out of the box.

I think its hard to argue that Logic is not more visually pleasing than Cubase, and generally has an easier workflow to it.

So, I think try using both. Most people who work at these colleges and places use macs and because they spent the money on one they need to justify it by saying macs are better.... ask them for a genuine reason why Logic is better the answer is usually "it looks better" lol. For some its worth it and for some its not... try them out.

25-02-2008 23:15
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i run logic studio 8 on my mac and ive never wanted to use nethin else, ive dabled with cubase and protools but nothin compares to the versatility ove logic 8, it totaly blows everythin out of the water. personally i dont like using PC's for creatin music but thats just me, i think macs do the job much better because there made for running programmes like logic. i know a few other poeple who have switched to logic 8 from cubase and they say they are quite similar but because logic 8 is newer than cubase 4 it does have its advantages, theres so much to learn with it but its worth it, its the boy!


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only thing logic lacks in is a rock stable recording. it's flexable and out fo the box one of the best programs. very complex and evne if you learn it inisde and out there's probably sitll more you can do with it. so it will fit anything you want to do.

the recording is still good, just it's like Pro Tools 100% stable recording. it's just like every other program, with a lot mroe features.

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