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Tha Krane

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I'm using reason 3.0, and have been doing so for a little while now. I've got a pretty good hang of how to use it but i find that my bassline keeps drowning everything else out while it's playing.
Could someone help me and possibly tell me how to, either, stop the bassline from drowning everything out, or maintain everything else at a constant level so that each component can't be drowned out??
06-01-2008 19:44
v v v iv a record missing


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open an eq and turn the bass down?


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Surya Surya is a male
The Robot


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From your description it's hard to tell what exactly is wrong, but chances are big you need to EQ everything more carefully. Also, don't use reverb on the bassline, that makes it really muddy

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BattleDrone BattleDrone is a male
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And don't put your bass in stereo, keep it mono. Try using a lowpass filter on it and filter everything away, then turn the filter open slowly and try to find a position in which your bass sounds nice and the other stuff doesn't drown from it.

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Tha Krane

Registration Date: 30-12-2007
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thanks a lot people i'll give that a go.
07-01-2008 15:34
Tha Krane

Registration Date: 30-12-2007
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i tried using filters but i'm not quite sure the right way to go about them. Do you have to open a filter for every single instrument, or just at the beginning?
also what would be the best filter to use?

07-01-2008 15:46
syneptic syneptic is a male
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Originally posted by BattleDrone
And don't put your bass in stereo, keep it mono.

if you want a stereo bass - use the stero imager and make higher frequencies stereo and keep the subs mono.

be carefully with eqing and bass boosting - and dont use unnecessary fx to pump it up - will get muddy (no reverb - very careful with compression/distortion etc.)

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cynik cynik is a male

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separate frequencies, taht way you can effect them separately

use the spider audio splitter and then do heavy dips with the eq for each channel, so you have bass, mid and maybe highs

dont put any fx on the bass but let hell loose on the mids/highs Devil

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