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How do you guys put your sounds from the redrum to the sequencer? i have viewed some files from reasonstation. And i can see they use redrum, and the drumline keeps changing, in the pianoroll. Allthough in the pattern player in redrum, there is only one pattern. Or is it because they have played the rest of the drums in with a midi keyboard?

17-08-2007 15:51
er.... right click, copy pattern to track. then edit. or just program or play straight into the piano roll. better yet load files into the nnxt adn use that instead
17-08-2007 16:32
cynik cynik is a male

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lol youre gona scare him away with the nnxt

better stick to redrum and drrex for the time being

anyway the questions has already been answered so... tudidudiduaa

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Surya Surya is a male
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I never use the redrum anymore. NNXT all the way

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