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For about 5 years i was joking with my old MC-303, killer sounds and the truly lovely ARPEGGIATOR: just press a key on the 303 keyboard and you can hear an incredible arpeggiated melody! Tongue Drummer Devil

So now I'm on reason (3) with beheringer umx25 midi-key controller.... How can I do the same? Huh Confused

Question IS: how play arp pattern on a MAELSTROM or SUBTRACTOR or the SAMPLERs or wathever.... Mad

I mean without using the fuckin' MATRIX boring SEQUENCER!

thank you
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I don't know Reason, but I'm pretty sure this can be done. Atleast in FL studio this is absolutely basic. Some Reason user will be able to clear this I guess.

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will check for the subtractor/malstrom-synthesis, but in the meantime i cannot but really approve that lil nifty matrix-thingy.
Try to work with it a bit and be astonished by it's powers.
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