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I dont hope that many people have put this question on the forum but where can i find a guide for reason.
I still have a few problems with it.

Thx siebe

Stepping bass
24-11-2003 20:46 Homepage of dj eskay
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reason track by Simon V... Not really a tutorial, but you can see a bit how things are done...

I once read a pretty explaining tutorial on Reason, but i can't seem to find this back...

Otherwise i think reason is pretty intuitive, so i'd say mess around, try stuff out in the sequencer, and you'll get the hang off it eventually...
25-11-2003 00:22
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found the one i was talking about :

they do use the matrix step editor here, but it's better to use the sequencer than the matrix step editor when drawing notes...
25-11-2003 00:36
rorschach rorschach is a male
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you must check http://www.reasonstation.net/ I think, and http://members.optushome.com.au/brendans...treasonfaq.html isn't bad either.

ps: you know it's possible unscrew the srews that 'hold' the subtractor to the rack! sweeeet...
25-11-2003 10:46 Homepage of rorschach
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The master porgram reason has a help file init. Dont be skeptickal to how much it can help you.
It goes into great detail explianing every knob and its fuction and "ProPa" Use.

Where's the fucking bass??!!
10-01-2005 00:22
Halph-Price Halph-Price is a male
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that's a big help for me, though, thanks.
*goes to try to unscrew subtraktor*

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Why not try to read the pdf books that come with Reason instalation?? It is very usefull...
31-10-2006 16:14
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