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Sort of related to my last post.
I was wondering what you all felt about using mp3 software or cds' ? Do you think that the sound suffers to much? If so, is an aural exciter or sonic maximizer a way to bring back some of the depth that a track loses after compression? Would you guys say that an aural exciter etc. is a must in your signal chain regardless or especially if you're using mp3s in your sets?


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I think the final sound quality will mainly depend on the source quality. If you start spinning with 64kbps or 128kbps mp3's, then it just can't sound the way it should.

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I use Finalscratch,

theb 1st model (FS1)

It has loads of bugs in comparison to FS2. So my first advice is: if you're going for final scratch, definitly go for FS2...

About the sound quality: If you use decent encoded mp3s, you almost cant tell the difference between vinyl & mp3, so no special extra hardware will be needed.

You can also adjust some software settings in Final Scratch(but don't expect to much) : like automatic gain control for example...

this is the most annoying thing with Final scratch or other comparable systems: if you use third party mp3s, they will be encoded differently and sound different...
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