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Thread: Dubrain Hertz - Das Ist Nicht Ein Holocaust
Dubrain Hertz

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Dubrain Hertz - Das Ist Nicht Ein Holocaust 20-11-2014 21:13 Forum: Tunes

I don't know how many check here anymore, but It would feel wrong not to post this here.


Dubrain Hertz - Das Ist Nicht Ein Holocaust
Thread: cynik - friday night.. let the police burn
Dubrain Hertz

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21-02-2014 15:47 Forum: Tunes

Nice tune! I Haven't been here in ages, so it's nice to see you're still putting out tunes. You were always one of my fave producers on here. Keep it up! Death
Thread: Halph-Price - Whorestep music, Album by Halph-Price
Dubrain Hertz

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22-09-2012 00:52 Forum: Tunes

Your slave.. so, that's some kind of D/s relationship or what? Nice.

My favourite so far is snail trail. Overall I think maybe your slave is a teeny tad loud in the mix? That might just be my personal preference though. Also, I'm listening on crap laptop-speakers. Other than that it's pretty tight. If i were to make more suggestions it would be to maybe get some more unconventional sounds in there, maybe sample some movies or something and incorporate different sounds to make it more interesting. Again, maybe just personal preference.

Nice job though, dude.

EDIT. The monologues are fucking filthy, mate. Props for putting more sperm into electronic music.
Thread: Dubrain Hertz - Hand-to-hand Woombat (with video)
Dubrain Hertz

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Dubrain Hertz - Hand-to-hand Woombat (with video) 03-07-2012 17:40 Forum: Tunes

It's my latest, with a video too. Everything except the drums either is or is run through my eurorack modular synth.

Thread: This is NOT the end. Dnbbe will NOT be taken offline soon.
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 58
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07-04-2012 13:35 Forum: Drumnbass.be news

A real shame indeed. I havent been very active here the last couple of years but I check in from time to time. Really learnt a lot about music production and got to listen to a lot of great tunes on this forum. Whatever you decide to do, thanks a lot for creating this place.
Thread: keyboard synthesizer?
Dubrain Hertz

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05-05-2011 23:36 Forum: Production questions & answers

waldorf blofeld can do a lot of the stuff the virus does. it's not as powerful but it's way cheaper. I'd reccomend trying one if you get the chance.
Thread: Dubrain Hertz - Take Me Home, Sweet Apocalypse
Dubrain Hertz

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02-05-2011 10:59 Forum: Tunes

Thanks guys. I'll se if it's possible to squeeze some more crispyness out of those, drums. The boiling kettle stays though. As mentioned earlier there is no electric guitar in here apart from a fretless bass guitar at the beginning. I'm quite happy with the overall structure, though I might add some edits to the drums to break the monotony here and there. Appreciate all the feedback.
Thread: Dubrain Hertz - Take Me Home, Sweet Apocalypse
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 10
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27-04-2011 00:36 Forum: Tunes

Thanks guys, guess the mix is pretty much where it's supposed to be, maybe beef up the bass another small notch though. Any input on the mastering? Anyone?
Thread: Age Break - Awakening (dubstep)
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 11
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26-04-2011 13:26 Forum: Tunes

Your melodies here are great, but they suffer a lot from some serious mixing issues. You need to tame that bass as it sort of ruins melody. Take some of the high end of it. I think this will kick ass when finished though. Maybe remove some top of the bass drum too to make more room for the synths. Nice one.
Thread: JacksonP - Luminosity
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 5
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26-04-2011 13:21 Forum: Tunes

Nice intro, slightly long maybe? The drop sounded a bit tame after such a long buildup, but I think that can be fixed with a different transition. Nice melody, sounds like it goes slightly out of tune, but that's kinda cool IMO. The bass is a bit tame. The track does sound clean but also a bit lifeless and flat in my ears. I think the middle part might feel less repetative if you left some more air in the mix. My 2c anyway. Keep at it.
Thread: dJSkiLlAx - Burn (extended)
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 4
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25-04-2011 23:25 Forum: Tunes

Cool sounds in this, maybe a bit thin? Either beef up the bass or beef up the drums a bit I think. Nice head-nodding groove to this though. Gets a bit overly simplistic for my taste, would be cool to hear some additional elements in here, maybe som cymbals and crashes or samples or something.

All in all this solid though, nice one.
Thread: Dethworm - Beast Mode
Dubrain Hertz

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Re: :( 25-04-2011 23:15 Forum: Tunes

Originally posted by Dethworm
do you think its bad enough to remix and bounce as a whole? I already released it and its out there but should I pull it back and re do it? I think it might be too late on this tune and I will definitely remix it for further release and for live performances but DAMN IT. I don't think it's that far gone to completely suck. To the laymans ears I think normal ppl can barely hear it. Frown

nah man, keep it. Not all people like things crushed by distortion for sure, but I certainly do. And I'm guessing I'm not alone in that. Drummer
Thread: tunedup - Criteeque
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 5
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25-04-2011 23:10 Forum: Tunes

I like how it starts, sort of cinematic. 0:45 the combination of those vocals and those drums coming in was cool. You should have let it continue some more before cutting it of again IMO. Cool vibe to this, hard to describe, I like how the groove rolls. Cool stuff, you should definetely finish this.
Thread: Impact - Introspekt [192clip]
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 12
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25-04-2011 22:50 Forum: Tunes

Loving the drums here, nice chops and cool sound, if a tad muddy. Nice variations too. 1:28 Nice! The sound of this is a bit muffled, but it sort of suits the mood on this track. Too bad we can't hear all of it though, the drum-variations near the end are great, would love to hear how it progressed from there. Nice one!
Thread: Dubrain Hertz - Take Me Home, Sweet Apocalypse
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 10
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25-04-2011 20:02 Forum: Tunes

No amiga game, just a Waldorf Blofeld through a Boss metal zone. The bass at the beginning is fretless bass guitar. I guess all those years in front og a C64 have damaged me though, things tend to sound like computergames after I touch them Cool So yeah, it's intentional I guess, or my sound at least. Still bass light though? beefed that up quite a bit, but I guess it can take some more then.

Thanks for the input, keep em coming. Drummer
Thread: BattleDrone - Alien Arrival
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 18
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25-04-2011 16:39 Forum: Tunes

Really nice atmosphere to this, love those abrupt drumbreaks coming in here and there, nice touch. Melodies are good all the way, main drums are maybe a bit to thin for my taste though. Lots of cool sounds and effects going on. 02:45 I think I see what you're aiming for, but it doesn't really work for me the way it is, maybe add some ambient sound lying under there.

Nice one!
Thread: Dub Bananez - Dub Bananez- Battle March
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 7
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25-04-2011 16:21 Forum: Tunes

Good intro. 0:14 you've got my interest, whoa, did not expect that. I'm digging this a lot. Really nice and atmospheric sounds. Strange sort of mix of in-the-club-crunkness and egeyptian temple epic-ness. 1:50 Not really liking the sound of that synth there, piercing and breaks the atmosphere, 02:20 same thing. 02:30 the orcestra coming in helps a lot. 02:50 that string-thing there is cool.

Gets a bit repetative, but the main idea is rock solid, not all sounds are quite there yet, but keep at em. Love the first minute of it.
Thread: mattyb - Springtime Salita
Dubrain Hertz

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25-04-2011 16:13 Forum: Tunes

Nice nice drums. Good buildup. Not really feeling the melody coming in at 0:40. Maybe it could work with a less prominent place in the mix, remove some mids or hipass it. Bass kicking in is absolutely lovely. 02:10 Not sure about that part, the notes don't quite fit. Nice congas coming in.

you've got some nice sounds but your melodies need some work IMO. Drums are good, if a bit overcompressed/flat, they roll nicely. Bass is good. The mix is a bit crowded, try peeling away some frequencies on the various tracks with hipass and lopass filters, that would probably do much for this one.
Thread: Glodaragz - Fireball
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 8
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25-04-2011 16:05 Forum: Tunes

Nice intro. Sort of standard late nineties Hip-Hop for a while there. 1:10 Like the new drums coming in, but where's the bass? 01:57 Bass comes in, a bit low in the mix, doesn't really rumble much. 2:36 nice ambience, but it goes on for a bit long. 4:26 Starts again nicely but I was sort of expecting after such a long buildup.

As it is it's a bit bare I think. It could perfectly well be an instrumental for a rapper to rap over, maybe it is? That would change everything. Melodies are nice, and stringsounds are nice. Don't really feel the bass though, it's too low, too anonymous and it has no melody of it's own, just follows the strings, and a bit to hecitcally too. Maybe do long notes, with a bunch of distortion and then lo-pass or something? just a suggestion.

Thread: Dubrain Hertz - Take Me Home, Sweet Apocalypse
Dubrain Hertz

Replies: 10
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Dubrain Hertz - Take Me Home, Sweet Apocalypse 25-04-2011 15:31 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Take Me Home, Sweet Apocalypse' and post your comments here!

A very dubby and hiphop-influenced dubstep track. Feedback appreciated. Especially regarding mixing-issues.


EDIT. Posted this about a week ago, have done some changes according to the feedback I got.
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