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Thread: finding the key
the moneyshot

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23-08-2010 09:00 Forum: Production questions & answers

mixed in key, its a dj tool, but i run all my samples through it, gives you the key of individual samples. and if you put your whole sample library in there you can search for samples by key! very cool tool.

Thread: That "Yuy Yuy" & "Wohw Wohw" sound (jump up bass question)
the moneyshot

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11-01-2010 07:50 Forum: Production questions & answers

lol at the wobble bashing!!

i swear thats what my mum used to say about jungle music back in the days.

" turn that shit off, it just sounds like noise"

gotta move with times, but that tune is shite non the less.
Thread: How clean do you like your spectrum?
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Replies: 6
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11-01-2010 07:27 Forum: Production questions & answers

i find i go overboard quite often and completly fubar the mix
Thread: That Alien bassline..
the moneyshot

Replies: 16
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11-01-2010 07:21 Forum: Production questions & answers

frequency split a reece bass line in to high mids and lows, band pass filter automation, distrotion, phase etc.......................... resample resample resample resample resamplw,........... etc.
Thread: old school kick creation (reason 4) need help
the moneyshot

Replies: 7
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10-01-2010 12:58 Forum: Production questions & answers

download some decent breaks, and use the them for your drums. you could layer an 808 kik with them. but all the old skool jungle tunes use breaks. search for the amen break to start you off.
Thread: Feestylednb is plaguing looperman.com
the moneyshot

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20-05-2009 08:13 Forum: Offtopic banter

lol, this guy is a funny mo-fo.

6 tracks posted and only 8 forum posts............. lol.. he really loves him self.
Thread: were can i get vocal samples (long ones)
the moneyshot

Replies: 7
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19-05-2009 16:17 Forum: Reason

try putting some of these in google,
?intitle:index.of? wav vox

?intitle:index.of? wav vocals

?intitle:index.of? wav acappella

?intitle:index.of? wav vocal stem

also a good source for samples is searching for remix comps. loads out there just be carful how you use them.
Thread: tune overratings
the moneyshot

Replies: 46
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18-05-2009 11:35 Forum: Bug reports & suggestions

i hardly ever vote or review at the moment, because the only time i get online is at work on the company laptop, so a fare review would be impossible. also i dont think people should get to negative about there stars and score, its impossible to get a fare review unless its the same people reviewing at the same amount of tracks. and then you have the fact that most people have there fav genre and that makes them biased imo. dont get me wrong its a great way to showcase your music to a community, but some people take it to heart. i will help anyone, and go out my way to answer questions in the forum, but hate being attacked for not reviewing songs.
Thread: ED Rush & Optical - New LP, what do you think?
the moneyshot

Replies: 24
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18-05-2009 11:09 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

its ok imo, not the best lp ive heard, sounds better played at high volume when fuck out my mind in a drug induced semi-coma. ................ then again what dosnt?
Thread: 2 Hot Minutes Remix Compo !!!!!!!!!!!!
the moneyshot

Replies: 24
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15-05-2009 18:36 Forum: Producers private board

fuckin coolio, im onn this mo-fo!!
Thread: batman vs superman
the moneyshot

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15-05-2009 15:12 Forum: Offtopic banter

1. batman has a car that gets better with every film he makes, as do his clothes.
2. batman is rich
3. batman has a cool wardrobe when not dressed as batman
4. batman has a butler
5. batman sleeps upside down. even though he dosnt have too, but he is so cool he does anyway

superman is alergic to green rocks, and wears red underpants.

nuff said!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Thread: Camel Audio Alchemy, the synth to get!
the moneyshot

Replies: 14
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13-05-2009 15:03 Forum: Plugins

Originally posted by BattleDrone
Sample or STFU Happy

whats stfu?
Thread: Camel Audio Alchemy, the synth to get!
the moneyshot

Replies: 14
Views: 9,921
13-05-2009 13:35 Forum: Plugins


Atleast those Camel plugs are always very user friendly and I like the sound of them.

If you guys are stunned by this one, then get Fabfilters' Twin2 synth, once you get the hang of the GUI it is really good too.

i tryed fabfilters twin last night for about 30 mins and came up with the dirtyst bass ive ever made, it is cool as fuck. this alchemy looks reall good aswell. im downloading a demo now.
Thread: analog sound
the moneyshot

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analog sound 13-05-2009 11:33 Forum: Hardware

easy peeps,

i keep reading posts about people running thier soundcard through an analog desk to give it a raw analog feel and sound? no one metions what desk though, so my question is, what desk and how much would a desk cost me ( bearing in mind im a broke ass taxi controller ), and is it really worth it? is there any other eqipment that can be used? ive heard people mention guitar stomp boxes etc..............any veiws on this subject or any ideas are very welcome.
i hope you understand the question, im not really that up on hardware.
Thread: Multisampled vintage drum kit - free download
the moneyshot

Replies: 8
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13-05-2009 11:13 Forum: Software

im downloading the free pack now, sounds good man. thanks for the heads up.

restectpa Gangsta
Thread: To dnb heads - what is 'rinsing'?
the moneyshot

Replies: 8
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12-05-2009 07:17 Forum: Producers private board

Originally posted by junglist06
to me, a tune that has been 'rinsed' is usually a good tune the has been played too much that it looses its appeal,

if someone is 'rinsing it', the could mean hes playing a phat set, pulling off wicked mixes etc

thats how we would describe it where we come from. aswell,

" yeah man he proper rinsed that set last night"
"that tune got rinsed to death last night, im sick of hearing it"
or even on the odd occasion
" i was banging that leanne last night...... proper rinsed her out mate!!"

i think it can be used in any context derogative or other wise, not just music. at least the people i know do anyway, but they are a creative bunch. Big Grin
Thread: what r u listening to right now?
the moneyshot

Replies: 3,077
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11-05-2009 18:38 Forum: Offtopic banter

mistabish album - drop

printer jammmmmmmmmed
Thread: I am officially married as of tmrw
the moneyshot

Replies: 25
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11-05-2009 18:33 Forum: Offtopic banter

congats........and may the force be with you both!!!
Thread: Competition no 2
the moneyshot

Replies: 15
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11-05-2009 18:30 Forum: Producers private board

Originally posted by Ketz
i'd really like to have a compo where everyone was given the same sample pack

good sugestion, on the samplepack.

i think two weeks is too long tho, should have a weekly compition i reckon.........with cash prizes, and half naked girls holding up the score cards Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Huh

maybe not...................... defo up for though, sounds exciting.
Thread: audio finder
the moneyshot

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audio finder 06-05-2009 18:10 Forum: Software

anyone know of a windows alternative for this software.

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