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Skull Smasher

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09-02-2006 10:22 Forum: Tunes

Very impressive! I'd like to have the drums a bit more up front though Wink
Thread: How about a new remix compo
Skull Smasher

Replies: 32
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29-01-2006 21:51 Forum: Production questions & answers

Originally posted by cynik
Originally posted by Dj Jimmy C
can you put the reason file on there as well for us reason headz???

that would be unfair to the non-Reason users

do we need any "aw you had the rsn file..." bitching

I agree (and I'm on Reason)
Thread: TechDiff - Assault 27112012 (1000 Reasons)
Skull Smasher

Replies: 25
Views: 9,689
26-01-2006 09:01 Forum: Tunes

This incredibly amazing track just got more amazing Shocked
Thread: Friscko - It's Not Over
Skull Smasher

Replies: 32
Views: 10,887
20-01-2006 14:23 Forum: Tunes

Choirs from the intro are out of tune. The vocals have been used to death and sound very housey. Reece is nice though. Tramens are baning, but also quite old sounding. The 2-step pattern doesn't work for this tune, stick to non-2-step beat patterns. Overall sound seems to clip quite a bit. Whach those levels man! Ough, that new choir stab that comes in is out of key a hell of a lot too! Tune your samples if they are out of tune! Thisone has potential, but levels and tuning needs a lot of work. And ditch that crappy vocal!
Thread: DJ Hybrid K - un-named preview
Skull Smasher

Replies: 5
Views: 2,933
20-01-2006 14:20 Forum: Tunes

OK, I'm totally into this style. The harder the better. Too bad thisone isn't any better. The intro is a non intro. Or did you cut the acual intro? The drums sounds too old. The mix needs a lot of work. Doesn't sound tight at all. The rewind sound is overused and in the wrong places imo. Love those hardcore basslines, but they're a bit too loud.
Thread: equipped - Double Delay'ed
Skull Smasher

Replies: 28
Views: 8,920
20-01-2006 14:15 Forum: Tunes

Sub is a bit overpowering. Filtered bassounds are cool. Drums don't have a lot of power.
Thread: Sensa - Paranoia
Skull Smasher

Replies: 9
Views: 3,826
20-01-2006 14:13 Forum: Tunes

Drums are well done, the bassline is fine but could use more punch. I hate the female vocal man. Drop doesn't live up to expectations from the intro.
Thread: anf0 D - The Ark (Immortal Coil Remix)
Skull Smasher

Replies: 11
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20-01-2006 14:09 Forum: Tunes

Intro is quite nice. Takes a bit too long before it drops. Tramens comin up: quite old skool sounding. Drop doesn't work at all. 0 impact. Drums are overcompressed, bassline has a lot of sub (on some tones) but not enough bass. Kick doesn't kick. Also, this track sounds like a new track with the same samples, not a remix. I hear very little references to the original. That LFOd filtered sound is too loud. Vocals to the hard left Confused What's wrong with the center? Good try, but no succes imo.
Thread: ico26 - T_ZONE
Skull Smasher

Replies: 4
Views: 3,063
20-01-2006 14:03 Forum: Tunes

Ough, that kick in the intro sounds so synthesised! The 303 stuff sounds a bit like goa Confused Drop: Kick really sounds shit imo, not fitted for DnB at all imo. Snare is way too distant. Make it more pronounced and up front, not like someone's drumming next door with the door open. Thisone really reminds me of goa man, it must be all that 303 stuff. Not feelin this at all. Oh, and I'm wondering the whole time: when's the bassline comin in? I think you forgot to add one. In the second drop the drums really need more power! The strings are nice though.
Thread: ico26 - KEEP GOING
Skull Smasher

Replies: 5
Views: 3,141
18-01-2006 10:15 Forum: Tunes

Do I hear some FL samples in the intro? Dark intro. Drums kicking in: they don't have any power whatsoever. Make them tighter and more punchy. Overall volume is pretty low, but the bass is too loud in comparison to the rest. I would say this track has very little to do with DnB exept for the fact that is has breakbeats and a bassline. The whole feel of the track and the sounds used don't sound very DnB.
Thread: anf0 D - Car Chase [incomplete]
Skull Smasher

Replies: 7
Views: 3,770
18-01-2006 10:12 Forum: Tunes

Hmm, don't like that bassline melody, sounds like the theme for some stupid superhero movie or something. It gets repetetive quite fast too.
I think the main thing missing is some mid part or something.
Thread: camo - inside out
Skull Smasher

Replies: 10
Views: 4,208
17-01-2006 16:14 Forum: Tunes

Man, that vocal is annoying! Soundquality is nice, and the drums work well for it's style. Well done. But man, your melodies and sounds are... I'm sorry to say, but I hate them. Maybe because I don't like clownstep. Either way, the drums are well done.
Thread: skeptik - Losing To Time
Skull Smasher

Replies: 10
Views: 3,967
17-01-2006 16:12 Forum: Tunes

Music and vocal work together really wel. The buildup is nice too, especially when those agressive drums start kicking in. The pitchdown is cool too, but I'm not sure about the pitchup. Reece should sound a bit bigger imo. Layer the reece with itself a coulple of times to make it more dense and then add reverb. Drop is nice. Drums could use more punch though. Some switchups in the drums would be welcome, the music changes enough. Good work.
Thread: BeatJunkie - Existence
Skull Smasher

Replies: 14
Views: 4,696
17-01-2006 16:07 Forum: Tunes

Hmmm. The drums sound very, very oldskool. And lofi. Layer a bit or something. Reece is quite allright. The subs make the sound clip yet the volume is quite low. You ought to fix that. Track is very repetetive quite fast. Give the drums more variation and add more elements.
Thread: Nosrac - Sedintary Anophales (Nosrac/Equipped - unfinished)
Skull Smasher

Replies: 33
Views: 10,904
17-01-2006 16:04 Forum: Tunes

Nice full and warm sounding synthsounds! Filtering is cool too. Maybe that highpitched distorted synth is a bit too loud. Drop works, but it's a 2-step beat. I prefer harder drums, but that's me. Lots of very good variations and twists. This track has a very nice stereoimage to it too! Very well done, this track!
Thread: Surora23 - Inner Thor
Skull Smasher

Replies: 26
Views: 8,341
17-01-2006 15:59 Forum: Tunes

Cool vocals in that intro! Atmo is nice too, filtered drums work. They could use some more work when that deep sub comes in though. Longer decay would help I guess. Nice set of snare you display there. Choir sounds like terror is coming. If it's skull smashing terror, then I'm all for it! Reece kicking in. Nice, but it sounds a tad dirty. And it would be better with a bit less high to it and more mid, that gives it a more analogue feel, which I prefer. Drop doesn't boast that much power due to the drums being a bit too soft. Give them a boost and maybe layer a bit more from here on to make them phatter. Nice edits and variations. Second drop is better than the first one, it's more powerful. More edits, more dense drumpaterns, I like that. Nice, but not as skull smashing hard as I prefer.
Thread: Emblem-X - Braindead
Skull Smasher

Replies: 17
Views: 6,378
13-01-2006 16:06 Forum: Tunes

Nice drums, cool basslines and enough variation.

I'm not fond of pitched up vocals though

The low end of the track needs attention: there's almost no bass!

I love the drumrolls at 3.41
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