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Thread: This is NOT the end. Dnbbe will NOT be taken offline soon.
Crispy Liquids

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30-03-2012 12:59 Forum: Drumnbass.be news

Although it was rather quiet lately, it's a massively helpful and interesting place!
Hate to see it go, so many talent here I felt unworthy of posting any tracks for a long time!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed and made dnb.be possible!
Thread: Thinking about becoming IL customer?
Crispy Liquids

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RE: Thinking about becoming IL customer? 05-11-2010 11:22 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Originally posted by Muad'Dib
Big Grin Bitches.

Suddenly, the tone of the conversation changed to the one often accredited to guttersnipes, scoundrels and members of the House of Representatives.
Thread: what sample rate to use ??
Crispy Liquids

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20-10-2010 13:10 Forum: Reason

Usually it doesn't matter all that much, 192kps or 320kbps will probably only make minor difference in probably a minority of the cases. (Have you actually heard a difference when both qualities are mixed in your playlist?)

MP3 vs Wav, yeah, there is a difference; technically the content is indeed more complete than mp3, but yet again can you hear a difference? If you aren't going to be processing the file any more, then there is little reason to use the big-ass wav's; and even when you're selling mastering services I think 320kbps 32-bit floating point files will often be much more usefull than the wav files.

If it's a finished product, and you can't hear a difference, only logistics can still make a difference for me; that is, not having a huge-ass file without real benefits.
Thread: Spor's production software
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 45
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17-10-2010 12:54 Forum: Production questions & answers

Like, in a fetish-kind of way?
Thread: hallooooo
Crispy Liquids

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06-10-2010 12:23 Forum: Offtopic banter

Hehe alright man welcome back, we're all waiting for those cleverly made tracks to be posted ;-)
Thread: Chat Room
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 76
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04-10-2010 18:18 Forum: Offtopic banter

But it wasn't popular because I never even saw it :p
Anyways, maybe drumnbass.be should launch a facebook group/fanpage where there can be some chatting / sharing tunes / reviewing eachothers tunes, oh and dating of course.
Thread: Massive Clipping
Crispy Liquids

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25-09-2010 21:42 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

It's not clipping, it's latency. Look up "performance" or something similar in the manual.
Thread: Need some Advice
Crispy Liquids

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22-09-2010 11:00 Forum: Hardware

Why not take the best of two worlds with timecoded vinyls?
Basically it's using vinyls as midi-controller for DJ apps on your pc.
Thread: Yardsale: Advice on what to buy
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 8
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19-09-2010 12:12 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Izotope ozone is clearly in another league than maximus, but as for multiband compression, maximus is much more visual and easy to understand than most compressors I've seen so far!

Hmm Harmonic Exciter, I'll try one out; haven't used one so far (or I did, but stopped doing so)

Edit: Oh I did in fact, but with only two knobs to turn I found it quite hard to know what I was doing Big Grin Any advice on how to use such an exciter? I use the freeware "X-cita"
Thread: Sampling, Re-Sampling, Multisampling and note (integrity?)
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 3
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19-09-2010 12:06 Forum: Production questions & answers

If you have FL Studio & Directwave, you can sample an instrument; you select a range and how many samples to make per so many notes, and it will make, for example, samples for 2 octaves.

That being said, you don't HAVE to bounce all the time.
Thread: Liquidfunk Background Sounds?
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 7
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18-09-2010 19:04 Forum: Production questions & answers

I don't really know what you mean with background sounds, but I do know Puzzle is a bedroom producer just like you & me. If you'd send him a message to ask, he'll very likely respond with what you want to know or where to start looking.
Thread: Gimme funny Vids !!
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 462
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18-09-2010 14:40 Forum: Offtopic banter

Best female vocals ever
Thread: Yardsale: Advice on what to buy
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 8
Views: 6,756
18-09-2010 14:32 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

I went for just maximus, and glad I went for that one! Very nice plugin!
Thread: The beginning of the end. First massive chart success for dubstep
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 4
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17-09-2010 10:47 Forum: Dubstep

Well I don't think this is the beginning of the end for dubstep, I'd hardly call this dubstep?!
Wasn't bass an incredibly important element of dubstep? I thought so at least...
This has a completely different rythm too because of the synth, you can't really dance to this like you'd dance to dubstep.
I really can't stand those vocals either, yuck!

Edit: well I heard it on the radio too this morning, it's not that bad in fact but as said, not really dubstep
Thread: Speedyshare
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 7
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10-09-2010 11:14 Forum: Offtopic banter

You can have private tracks on soundcloud too, but I think whoever wants to be able to listen will then require a soundcloud account too. There might be a link system too though.
Thread: Gimme funny Vids !!
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 462
Views: 188,203
07-09-2010 15:28 Forum: Offtopic banter

that was great xD It's wrong in so many ways haha
Thread: Gimme funny Vids !!
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 462
Views: 188,203
02-09-2010 10:00 Forum: Offtopic banter

Originally posted by BattleDrone
But it's not funny... It's just blaxploitation Big Grin

DJ Hype's rant samplepack was better :p
Thread: First dnb song
Crispy Liquids

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31-08-2010 23:39 Forum: Tunes

Hi Jason,

first of all welcome to drumnbass.be,
welcome to the world of producing,
welcome to the internet,

welcome to the world of MP3 and not wav's xD
Please next time, export or encode to MP3;

As for the content of the wav:
I like quite a few things in it, and dislike a few things about it.
What I dislike, is that it doesn't hang together very well, it's like different parts you found placed after one another. That's something pretty much everyone has in the beginning, but try to start from perhaps one pattern, one riff, and build onto that, progress from there rather than looking for new riffs that stand on their own, but not together.

I like what happens at 0:04-0:05, the sound gets kind of sucked into the background, very nice effect. The phasing in the beginning should be tuned down quite a bit, it's too much. The piano at 0:32 is lovely, absolutely!
I don't know if you programmed all the synths yourself, but they sound pretty neat I think.

I think you've managed to put together nice riffs and sounds, perhaps the click in the attack part of the synth at the end should be decreased a little?

Good job, I like your style! As for your question: Yes, what you have is worth continuing work on, definitely. But when your ideas dry up and you are still learning lots of things, it's sometimes better to make many unfinished tunes so you try out lots of new things and get to use everything a bit. If you don't have any musical background, making many different things will train your musical insight nicely too.

After all, when some day you browse through your library of unfinished projects and snippets, you might get immediate inspiration on how to continue the track. For me, that's often how it goes. I have quite some unfinished projects with potential, but potential as in "I have a good riff or two". If you don't know where to go from there, try out some things, if it doesn't work, you can't force it either. One day you'll open it up and the next few bars will flow out naturally.
Thread: Close Proximity - Only Love.
Crispy Liquids

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30-08-2010 09:29 Forum: Tunes

Yeah I think the beat is too broken too. Seems as if you've tried putting the characterizing elements (kick / snare) out of the 4/4 pattern. I think - from the future garage i've heard so far - that the kick often comes at the 4th beat of the first measure and in the second measure NOT on the first beat. And so it naturally drifts back towards the original position in the first measure.

Can't really get to making what it would be for future garage, but the concept is this:


Basically a 3/4 pattern that, if you "zoom out" gives a 3/3 pattern.
(I notice my terminology might not be entirely correct :p)

But I think that's how future garage beats are made, by floating out of the 4/4 pattern.

Besides the beat, I think the track is really good. Nice atmospheric pad (I listened on laptop speakers so stereofield couldn't bother me), the vocals are nice too, basically I like everything except the beat; maybe if future garage doesn't work in the end, make it a loungy dnb track :-)

Cheers & good job
Thread: Yardsale: Advice on what to buy
Crispy Liquids

Replies: 8
Views: 6,756
Yardsale: Advice on what to buy 27-08-2010 15:40 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Hello lads,

as you all know or should know, there's a yardsale until the 31st of August at imageline. You can get all plugins at $49, and this is also taken into account when upgrading to for example the signature bundle.

Now this is the situation; I have the producer edition + Harmless already.
I really want Maximus, which is a really nice plugin (multiband detailed compressor) for only $49 now. Since I already have the producer edition, I could also upgrade to signature bundle for $93.10 now.

This would give me Maximus, Sytrus, Directwave, Videoplayer, Hardcore & Soundfont player.

Well, besides Sytrus I am not really interested in that.

Would you guys also add Sytrus to my purchase? I've never found Sytrus to be the ultimate FM plugin and FM8 seems to work much better for me, but it's much more expensive of course.

Any advice?
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