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Thread: This is NOT the end. Dnbbe will NOT be taken offline soon.

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02-07-2012 16:12 Forum: Drumnbass.be news

Wow, sad news. But glad the site will stay up.

Mega thanks to the chronic and all the mods. I kinda agree with his logic, times are changing. Back when this site started there were few places to get advice on production. Now there's a video tutorial on how to do just about anything.

I myself have used this site less and less over the years, but mainly because I started producing non dnb stuff. But the reviews i got on this site back in the day really helped me progress as did the production techniques discussed. So i would like to thank all those that contributed to this wonderful site.
I used to still come on and listen to the tracks made here for inspiration. Some excellent producers have graced this board over the years... some are still here.

I am especially gutted to see the downloads section go. There was some phat samples on there! If by chance someone has a backup of those, please let me know. (I am having to build my lib from scratch after i spilled tea on my mac book.)
Thread: Need inspiration ?

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01-02-2011 18:23 Forum: Production questions & answers

As mentioned before there was defo a thread relating to this before - (this is a pretty common problem). From what i remember there was some good ideas there.

I think I would mostly agree with the above. - take a break!

I find (and others will hopefully agree) that when I am producing tunes I am draining my pool of ideas that I have previously dreamt up.

When I am not producing, - I am building up my idea pool. (Ie: I'll be impressed by the drum sound of a tune, then i think about how I would create it. Just thinking about that, ill probably have several ideas to implement in my next tune.)

The problem arises when you dont have enough of a gap between tunes. So your store of ideas is low when you start the next one. Then - either you dont know where to start or you get started, then quickly get stuck.

Time off is important, no matter what you are doing. Psychologists will concur.

So take our advice and have a break.

Personally I find the tunes I am most proud of, are ones that I made after a break, when I had loads of ideas bubbling around in my head. (I remember last year I gave myself RSI from playing my electribe too much, after two weeks of not playing, I was climing the walls, looking to put something down - the first two tunes I made were sick [well in my eyes at least])
Point of note, when having a break, don't make it about getting ideas, just look to relax...otherwise you are still trying to force it

However, if you are determined to make something, you might try...

1. Learn a new technique
Find a tutorial on a new skill/new sound technique and implement

2.Make a remix
Attempt to cover a track that you enjoy. For me - this sounds vaguely like the original at best.

3. Vary the workflow
If normally your flow is - drums - bass - melody - stucture. Try starting with the melody, etc.

4. New Samples or plug-ins
These often help push me in a new direction

5. Collaborate
Self-explanatory i think...
Thread: DjSlut - Dream Felcher

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DjSlut - Dream Felcher 10-05-2009 20:41 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Dream Felcher' and post your comments here!

Here is an updated version of the tune. I have made some of the changes that were suggested. Still a lot of eq-ing to be done. Let me know what you guys think.
Thread: Writing tunes on headphones....

Replies: 19
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07-05-2009 00:27 Forum: Production questions & answers

Some good advice here already. Seems like this is an age old argument...

As alluded to above. Keep in mind that it usually pays to hear your tune on different equipment. I tend to alternate between headphones, laptop/tv and speakers. Also I get people to play my tunes when I am at their house. (people I know that is - I don't go into strangers houses and make them play my music)

If I had to pick one, it would be a pair of decent speakers. Only coz i like to hear the tune blaring out...
Thread: DjSlut - Dream Felcher

Replies: 6
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06-05-2009 23:59 Forum: Tunes

Thanks for the reviews people. Shall try to reciprocate the feedback in the near future. Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on my tune this weekend. But wont get round to Eq-ing for ages..

Ketz - I totally appreciate the kick drum suggestion. I'll defo get the kick drum more punchy.

And Moneyshot - feel you with the intro. 1st minute is fairly dry. Think I ought to build it up more.

Will upload any resulting material in due time...
Thread: Ketz - Diseased World

Replies: 26
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02-05-2009 20:22 Forum: Tunes

The drums are crisp and roll along nicely. Imo that growly bass needs to have more "umph". All the instruments sit together well. The drums are defo my favourite element of the track. Would like to see more filthy bass going on. (but I always say that) Hope to hear the finished version...
Thread: DjSlut - Dream Felcher

Replies: 6
Views: 3,256
DjSlut - Dream Felcher 02-05-2009 19:35 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Dream Felcher' and post your comments here!

It's has been a while since I produced/uploaded anything, so I am a bit out of practice. This tune ain't really finished but I hope you people like it. Any comments always welcome, good or bad.
Thread: Audio sample from films!

Replies: 11
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23-10-2008 16:59 Forum: Production questions & answers

I think the dude just wants a nice simple app to do the job. Sound Forge and Cubase is just over-kill. (esp if you never used them before!)

Although you didn't mention it, I assume the film you are trying to rip is playing on your PC?
If thats the case, I would use Audio Record Expert. It just a small app that captures anything coming through you sound card and encodes it in a number of formats.
You can get it on trial, or pay $30 for full version.
Thread: I-Witness : Live @ Stealth Bombers Hof Ter Lo Antwerp Belgium

Replies: 5
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06-06-2008 16:27 Forum: DJ Mixes

awesome dude. Will post a more constructive comment after I listen to this...
Thread: goonybag - Shudder (enter the fist)

Replies: 5
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14-05-2008 12:41 Forum: Tunes

Not bad overall. Maybe you could spice those drums up a bit. They have plenty of power (sounds like nice compression)but imo lack complexity. I would defo layer that shit up with some breaks and that!

I think that deep bass you have going is a bit predictable, maybe the melody could use more subtle changes. Also that "wawa-wa-wa" sounds could be more bassy. Very enjoyable tune. Flows through nicely.

I would rate this 7/10. The tune flows through nicely.
Thread: Paracyte - Irokeez

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21-06-2007 23:40 Forum: Tunes

Yeah dude, i totally got that from ur tune. But i somewhat disagree.....

Irokeez could defo work as a dance floor tune as it is (esp towards the end of ur mix). Still u could also bash out another more "dance-friendly" mix -- if thats ur thing.

I always aprecieate <Confused hearing something different. THese days most are trying to follow the rules it seems. All too often that results in decent tunes that are boring to listen to unless ur off ur face Big Grin !

Ur tune kept my iterest which is more than i can say for 60% of DnB released. (Not slaggin off producers here - some real crazy stuff here on dnb.be)
Thread: cynik - undergrounds

Replies: 18
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21-06-2007 19:35 Forum: Tunes

808 intro?!?!

Wow it actually works pretty well. MORE FUCKING COW BELL!!!! Yes this is right up my street. Excellent drum programming but some of the drills need touching up. The bass works extremely well with the jagged yet rolling feel of the drums. Maybe more build up for the drops would not go a miss but thats a matter of taste i guess. Well placed vox and all. Nicely emphasised down beat - me likey. Fills on ur drums fit v. well, although they do sounds pretty weird (i think thats the intention)like insects or something.
Good tune!! Cant wait to hear the end.
Thread: Paracyte - Irokeez

Replies: 19
Views: 6,337
21-06-2007 19:19 Forum: Tunes

Well, I'd say ur hard work has paid off. I dg ur "tribal" intro - tight work no doubt. I think maybe that fill needs a bit more work; at the mo its rather static and perhaps doesnt quite sit right with the drums. Personnaly i prefer more bass and the feel of the track is a bit too laid back for me, however there is a lot of good synth work. Especially the lead synth... its got a nice spacey - oriental feel imo.
At the second drop ur break sounds kinda weird (stuttered maybe somehow)maybe cleaning it up and sorting the fill out would help. Compelling ghost work too. Good job. Its nice to hear something different...
Thread: DjSlut - Keep Rocking ( Cymatic )

Replies: 5
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DjSlut - Keep Rocking ( Cymatic ) 20-06-2007 23:14 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Keep Rocking ( Cymatic )' and post your comments here!!!

Founf this tune whildt browsing through my stuff. Its not totally finished (esp the ending) but i would appreciate any feedback anyhow.
Thread: hard breaks

Replies: 7
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21-05-2007 02:04 Forum: Production questions & answers

Some v good sugestions already. Simple answer is... Practice.
Practice EQing, Practice compression and practice assembling drum kits. Huh
But heres one of mine for when u get bored of that:

Layer, EQ, Compress and export ur break.

Then re-import and repeat. Do this a few times well and ur drums will sound beefy, but can become lifeless and "flat"; so u'll probably wanna add fresh hi hats (maybe a new break) each time or at the end.

However compression can be tricky so always benchmark ur new break against the uncompressed version - to see if the drifference you are making is worhtwhile , because most often it isnt....

Oh and dont over do it !!! Big Grin
Thread: Happy New Year from iDJ - Remix Competition ! + New Releases

Replies: 2
Views: 3,174
22-01-2007 20:39 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive


Some good tunes there, and thanx for the competition!
Thread: Pendulum Live

Replies: 21
Views: 8,712
19-01-2007 21:29 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

full and big Puke distorted and compressed, i hear Big Grin

So u dont like Pendulum,

doesnt mean that u can talk out ur ass....
Big Grin
Thread: Pendulum Live

Replies: 21
Views: 8,712
07-01-2007 03:30 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

Fair point... think they left breakbeat chaos now...

Guess I just still remember the days of vault, for me at least that tune made the f*cking year. Drummer

disregard the animation

and who could forget:

also disregard the video
Thread: _--_--my new album uploaded (finally)

Replies: 2
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07-01-2007 01:08 Forum: DJs & MCs

LInks wont work for me.. Crying
Thread: Musicians

Replies: 14
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07-01-2007 01:05 Forum: Producers private board

a detuned acoustic guitar can give a really nice bass tone if treated properly.

reversed guitar rocks as an atmo/backround sound also or with some work even a synth/lead

I try to play piano every now and then - but its a slow process.
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