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Thread: should i use these speakers?

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31-01-2010 20:42 Forum: Hardware

I wouldn't say that it's a waste spending the time to reference other productions
as you learn your gears pros and cons, it's actually pretty vital. Even after you've developed your style, you'd probably do well to keep this technique in your "tool
box" so to speak.
Thread: In the Studio: Icicle production tips

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RE: In the Studio: Icicle production tips 31-01-2010 20:34 Forum: Production questions & answers

Thanks for that!
Thread: Panasonic discontinuing Technics 1200 turntables?

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RE: Panasonic discontinuing Technics 1200 turntables? 31-01-2010 20:29 Forum: DJ Gear

Shocked Mad
I can't believe this. I am at al oss for words. I say if panasonic does this then I will boycot them. Won't buy so much as a cell phone from them. I have already started calling Panasonics u.s. offices. Save the SL1200!
I realize that technology moves on and that more and more are going purely digital, but man, this is really disappointing.
I have cdjs, laptop, accounts with itunes/beatport etc. but the 1200s have always been the heart of my rig! Its like Gibson discontinuing the Les Paul, or Fender discontinuing the Strat. F-this I want to punch someone, Djs have been sporting techs for 35 years they Are an icon, who gave Panasonic the permission to ditch one of our oldest, dearest a most reliable pieces of kit for the dj. Honestly I wouldn't care if Panasonic ditched every other piece of gear under the Technics name, hell
get rid of some of the sl1200 models but at the very least leave the MK2 1200/1210/
or the Mk5, something!
Thread: Help with Darkstep

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23-01-2009 04:09 Forum: Production questions & answers

I just strap babies or kittens to my feet!
Layer and re- Devil sample.
Thread: massive .ksd --> Cubase S4 usable .fxp/.fxb ???

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massive .ksd --> Cubase S4 usable .fxp/.fxb ??? 04-07-2008 03:45 Forum: Cubase

I'm having a real hard time figuring out how to load massives presets into cubase via the inspector.
when I click on the preset "window" in the inspector/instrument window etc, the list of presets say
"disabled". I've set the search path in media bay but no presets/patches show. In the manual
in the section "earlier vst presets" it talks about importing .fxp/.fxb presets via -Soundframe->preset mangagement pop-up menu--> import. But there is a note "that such files (fxp/fxb) only exist if you created your own fxp/fxb presets with a previous version of cubase (or any other VST 2 application)
" After importing, you can convert the current program list to VST presets by selecting "Convert Program list to VST Presets from the preset mngmnt pop-up."
I have ableton live lite 7. Could I save massive presets in live to the required .fxp/fxb files then import/ convert?
If so, how? Is there another way to get my presets to show up?
At the end of the day what I'm looking to accomplish is (1) to have all my presets/patches (self programed and included) from all my VSTs show up in Cubase.(2) set up my Axiom kbrd to select program bank changes/presets/patches in Cubase.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thread: sampling from dvd?

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DVD audio 15-04-2008 09:49 Forum: Production questions & answers

I use Audio Hijack Pro. It allows you to rip from any source app, (DVD player, Web browser,etc)
It also lets you use VST and Au to effect/ enhance the audio. I use the free version that records up to 10 minutes before adding noise to recording. (Which works just fine for me)
I'm on a mac so that may be a problem for you as I'm not sure if AHP is mac only.
Thread: Cubase, Help.....

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cubase help 30-06-2007 20:10 Forum: Production questions & answers

start cubase
go to file , enter new project
go to project, add new track (select midi or audio)
make sure tracks (midi or audio) input and output are what you need them to be.

Are you rewiring with cubase as your host app. If so what to?
If not, what hardware synths/ samplers are you using and what channels are they connected
to on your audio interface?
Or, are you using vst's or all of the the above? If all of the above, where do you want to start?
Thread: How to make a decent bassline

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RE: How to make a decent bassline 11-06-2007 10:34 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

It seems like you are actually asking " how to write a bassline" ? " ....
If so, do you know anything about music theory? If so , then I suggest starting with the 1st, 3rd and
5th of whatever chords you may be using; in whatever key you're in.
If you know nothing about the basics of music theory P.M. me (or bump this ) and I'll do my best to help you sort it painlessly.
Thread: Forgive my stupidity, but...

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RE: Forgive my stupidity, but... 02-04-2007 13:37 Forum: Production questions & answers

Check out John Rolodex (can't see me/ sut the f!@# up) tech recordings, or chase and status (stand off/ call to prayer) barcode recordings. I pretty sure thats the type of sound your after.
If so let me know and I'll give you some tips on how to go about it.
Thread: novation x-station 49... yes or no?

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49 or 61 26-03-2007 14:35 Forum: Hardware

yeah I'm gonna do it! I've wantedd one since they 1st came out but no shop around has 'em on display so I did'nt know how they sounded or how solid they were. The only other question is wether to go for the 61 over the 49. On one hand, I have the studio space for the 61 and would think that as my keyboard skills grew the 61 would serve me better. On the other hand the 61 is pretty wide and not something that seems easy to lug around or sit on my couch with. Any thoughts on this?
Btw thnx for the reply sephiroth.
Thread: novation x-station 49... yes or no?

Replies: 2
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novation x-station 49... yes or no? 21-02-2007 03:06 Forum: Hardware

What are some of your thoughts on novation products and/ or the x-station in particular?
Does the x-station synth sound good (warm etc..)?
I'm looking to upgrade my oxy'8, have been interested in this synth/controller for awhile and am finally within a couple of paychecks to afford spending the 550 bucks. so what d'ya think?
Thread: The best d&b tune of all time...

Replies: 70
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15-02-2007 04:55 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

Brown paper bag is certainly essential.
And I will forever rock to Dillinas rmx of Ultrasonic sound.
But, I would have to say that Warlockz ft simpleton- walk with your friends' was the tune that addicted me to dnb.
Thread: djing without vinyl

Replies: 35
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mp3s 03-02-2007 09:06 Forum: DJs & MCs

That said, Brnger is an ok chioce for what you get. Ableton is pretty awesome but you have to be willing to put the time into "beat mapping" your tunes. I personally hope that the future of djing/
clubbing/parties does not leave the phonograph behind but alows it to "blend" right in as it seems to be now. It would be disappointing to see laptops or cdjs all the time. In the begining
sure, save your cash, test the waters. If you ever become manic about this stuff, I hope you see that these new technologies are cool and very usefull, Like a shiny new Smith & Wesson, but (to me)
my 1200s are like a samurai sword. And very seldom has anyone, that I know or can think of,
left thier decks behind once they knew how to use 'em.
Thread: MP3 listen test!!

Replies: 16
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test 28-01-2007 03:47 Forum: Production questions & answers

On a mac so no test 4 me. But I would've.
Anyway, so do you guys think 128 kbps LAME is enough to play out wiith?
Thread: 192 kbps is enough

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RE: 192 kbps 27-01-2007 10:44 Forum: Production questions & answers

Originally posted by djfreemc
Originally posted by dmccabe
Do any of you guys "play out/ spin"? The resaon I ask is because I'm going to buy serato
and was wondering what these opinions on bit depth and format could mean for me.
I'm not looking to restrict my sets to mp3s or wavs with serato but its very often easier to
find tracks (esspecially older ones) in an mp3 format. I live about a 1 hr drive from the record store
and its hard to regularly get out there.

I've been told you better use high quality mp3's (like320 or something). For regular playing 192 is probably good enough, but when you go changing tempo's and scratching with them, things get timestretched, the number of samples per second can go down drastically and even a good timestretching algorithm has less trouble doing a good job when you feed it high quality input. (wich seems perfectly logical)

What about using an aural exciter or sonic maximizer? Do you think that it would really help the sound of a LAME VBR 128+ MP3? ( I just started a thread about this in the dj mc section) Or
is a "near cd quality sound" not good enough. I mean I'll buy vinyl for as long as its made
but I dig the potential of serato. I just don't want to be seriously dissappionted with the sound
if I purchase something like serato.
Thread: Ok, heres an interesting request for you guys :p

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RE: Ok, heres an interesting request for you guys :p 27-01-2007 10:15 Forum: Production questions & answers

What about some baby doll samples or a laugh like the puppet has in SAW.
Or if you have a little sister or cousin who is terrified of attics......nevermind...
(although you would only need a few seconds of screaming and could sincerely apologize afterward)
Nah, forget I mentioned it, bad idea! Devil
Thread: blending VERY different tempos

Replies: 17
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RE: smooth 27-01-2007 09:50 Forum: DJs & MCs

Oh and as far as switching platter speeds. I use that to get in and out of breaks.
Thread: blending VERY different tempos

Replies: 17
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smooth 27-01-2007 09:35 Forum: DJs & MCs

Alright, I think its fare (for me) to say that this myth is busted!
Because unless (greyone) you mean smooth as in "blending" somethin' like a house and a dnb
rec. and really pulling it off, it just doesn't seem possible.
I mean I must have heard it well over ten times the 8-9 years. "oh yeah man, this dj I know , he can mix anything straight outta this and right into that and make it sound good." And to this my
my questions are always the same. "Are you sure he's holding the mix?" " Is it the ambient parts that are being mixed?" etc etc.. And these people go on and act like this person they know (or of)
could blend animal DNA with plant DNA. And if it wasn't a dj telling me this I'd think politely to myself. " you're not a dj, you don't know the mechanics of it , and there are 50 different things that I could visually do to make you think that I was doing something when I'm really not doing shit.
( I'm sure we've all seen those knob tweaking David Copperfields)
But as time went on I heard the same thing from different djs here and there when the subject was brought up in conversation. Yet to this day I have not met any of these mixing wizards , seen it done, or been told a method for doing it.
A mathmatical method like...
"if you've got a track at 126 bpm in this key and one at 175 in that key and you set the pitches at
[blank] and [blank] and you start the one record on the second beat of the third bar in a sixteen bar
loop you should have the two tracks blending at least till the end of that loop. and the music sounds good or interesting or rythmicallly plausible."

Oh well,..... Like I said myth busted! (it would've been cool though huh? its like some jedi knight
higher tier holy grail mixing)
or not....
Regardless I say no one on this forum tell anybody. I say lets promote the hell out of this holy
grail. In fact I am going to start telling people at parties that I know this guy who can.......
Thread: Does serato or final scratch = bad sound?

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Does serato or final scratch = bad sound? 27-01-2007 08:31 Forum: DJs & MCs

Sort of related to my last post.
I was wondering what you all felt about using mp3 software or cds' ? Do you think that the sound suffers to much? If so, is an aural exciter or sonic maximizer a way to bring back some of the depth that a track loses after compression? Would you guys say that an aural exciter etc. is a must in your signal chain regardless or especially if you're using mp3s in your sets?
Thread: is itunes "decompressing"?

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RE: is itunes "decompressing"? 27-01-2007 08:05 Forum: DJs & MCs

Originally posted by Surora23
Originally posted by dmccabe
When I go to burn a cd of mp3s and my prefs are set to burn an audio cd does that mean that itunes is decrompressing the mp3? becauase I thought that once you compressed into mp3
you lose the "extra" info.

thanx in advance

no... itunes keeps all that info regardless if its mp3 or not... if you prefs are set to burn an audio cd, thats just the standard defualt setting then you have yfor your software
you can change that if you really wanted..

I knew that I can change the prefs to burn an mp3 or audio. But I wasn't sure if when I chose "burn audio cd" if itunes was basically "decompressing" the mp3 to my chosen standard audio format only minus the info that the song lost durring the inital mp3 conversion. Also does that mean that if I were to recompress using the same codec, vbr, bit rate etc... would I lose more of the tracks info? Or does using the same compression "scheme" mean that since a specific kind and amount of "extra" data has already been tossed, the track suffers no more?
The reason I was curios has to do with me using a cdj as an accesory. The cdj doesn't run mp3 cds. And lately I've been wondering if after a few vinyls can anyone really tell that I switched to a cdj playing a "decompressed" mp3? (an mp3 regardless)
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