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Thread: i´m new and here is a tune....
Paranoid Edge

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RE: i´m new and here is a tune.... 24-05-2005 15:20 Forum: Tunes

That's some f*@kn NASTY ARSE beats youve done!!!
All I have to say NICE

Keep it up Bigup
Thread: 320Db - Ponra
Paranoid Edge

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RE: 320Db - Ponra 14-05-2005 21:20 Forum: Tunes

Well here goes for my first review/coments on dnb.be....

Straight of tha bat I have to say I dig ur drum sounds and programming!!
Nice overall mix with good level's and eq's.
Personally I think it coulda used some sorta punch with ur b-line....it jus seems to roll along with me waiting/wanting to be hit up tha side of tha head with either a nice round fat "wompy" bassline or some good old skool style sonic boom!

Def look out for future releases Bigup

Thread: Hot producers
Paranoid Edge

Replies: 129
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RE: Hot producers 18-04-2005 17:16 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive


The man cannot do wrong! Rinse
Thread: Post Your Top Ten 10
Paranoid Edge

Replies: 47
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Top 10 15-04-2005 21:22 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

Sick Top 10 Munki C!!!!

Mine....Tuff one...

Temperament - Matrix
The Code - Absolute & Subphonics
Spectre - Aquasky
Lose Control - M.I.S.T
Alien Girl - Ed Rush & Optical
The End - Fortron
Fusion - Calyx
The Specialist - Future Cut
Kerbcrawler - Ed Rush & Optical
Shadow Boxing - Nasty Habits Bigup Bigup
Showing posts 1 to 4 of 4 results

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