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Thread: Ot: Goped Sport For Sale...

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Ot: Goped Sport For Sale... 25-05-2012 15:39 Forum: Shop


sorry its off topic, but really need some money................


cool guys.
Thread: Logitech z5500

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Logitech z5500 09-01-2012 14:55 Forum: Shop

Not really ideal for makeing music on i appreciate!! however they are exceptional speakers.

1 day listing only! REALLY need money..... UK Only!!!! Sorry......

Thread: Jump up bass help

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RE: Jump up bass help 08-04-2011 18:50 Forum: Producers private board

"I meant for the main bass"

lol..... ROFL
Thread: Massive issues

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RE: Massive issues 08-04-2011 18:44 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Pretty sure theyve fixed what your on anbout now in massive 1.2.1, HOWEVER if you click off it and then back on it still does the same thing.... very annoying indeed. Not sure if it is just fruty loops now thou??........
Thread: FOR SALE: B&H 400 Trumpet

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FOR SALE: B&H 400 Trumpet 08-03-2011 15:52 Forum: Shop

I have for sale a B&H 400 turmpet. I purchsed this a while back when learning the trumpet. I never really took to it, i used the item about 6 times, and am now wanting to sell the item as i am no longer intrested in learning it, and also i have every instrument on the world on my computer and now play them all with my midi keyboard.....

UK bidders only please......

Thread: FOR SALE: Quik-LOk BS-342 Near-field monitor stand

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FOR SALE: Quik-LOk BS-342 Near-field monitor stand 08-03-2011 15:48 Forum: Shop

I have for sale a pair of BS-342 QuikLok monitor stands, please see my ebay listing for further information. Reason fo r sale is as i once purchsed two pairs in sight of wanting two media computers with their own monitors however have since decided this isnt truly financialy viable thereby am selling them.

UK Bidders only please.....

Thread: dub step sounds :(

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RE: dub step sounds :( 02-11-2010 16:43 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Thats either a sample that has been "bounced" and reporocessed etc etc, OR a higher quality vst... i.e NI Massive.... I dont no what you mean about the y have some deep wub wub rah rah rah... thats surely in away anyway ultimatley contorlled by your pitch envolope???..... :/

After a very quick look on youtube i've found this mate:


Theres acouple of presets to download in the video discription, its with "wasp-xt" if you own that (is part of fl but only comes with certain packages...) its quite good, try to see how theyve originaly programmed the wave table.

Heres another little example:


see how he uses processing to get that deep wub wub you wanted? lol...

The bootom line is mate your never get anything brilliant with core Fl things... you need NI Massive or alike and MANY processing rtas plugins.... Its just a learning curve bud.

Hope this has helped...

Also check Battledrones recent post about wobble bass with camel crusher.....

battledrones post; "A generic way to make anything wobble in FL-studio. Take any synth sound (or sample) and route it to a mixer channel (let's say channel 1). Get Camelcrusher (free plugin) from Camel audio and load it as the first plugin in Channel 1. Switch off the distortion and set the Cut-off filter in the middle postion (12'o clock), turn RES down (to the left). The other settings aren't important for now. Now add Fruity Formula Controller (I'll call it FFC from here on) to Channel 1 and chose "Simple Sine LFO" as setting. Go back to your Camel Crusher and touch the Cut Off setting (just rotate it a little bit) and depending on your FL version you'll need to get to "Last tweaked Parameter" and choose "Link to controller". Next you choose the FFC-peak from the dropdown list and click ok. Now the Cut-off from CamelCrusher will wobble according to the formula in the FFC. You can change the wobbling by changing the values of the A (base), B (range) and C (speed) knobs in the FFC and you can easily automate these settings. Now anything you send into channel1 will wobble! Happy wobbling! "

Good work battledrone.
Thread: DJ Fresh Gold Dust Remix Contest

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DJ Fresh Gold Dust Remix Contest 12-09-2010 18:45 Forum: Competitions

Anyone seen this? "http://www.remixcomps.com/DJ-Fresh-Gold-Dust-Remix-Contest" sorry if its a double posting, i thought i could kill this tune. 299mb sample zip from breakbeat.co.uk dnbareana.
Thread: blazin and producin

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RE: blazin and producin 28-08-2010 22:34 Forum: Producers private board

Ofcourse not!..... Rasta The highest bled!
Thread: new dubstep 4x4 and reaosn producer

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RE: new dubstep 4x4 and reaosn producer 28-08-2010 22:22 Forum: Reason

Originally posted by djnaya
i produce 4x4 www.myspace.com/djnaya
and dub and dnb www.myspace.com/dubnaya

was just wonderin if people are safe enuff too talk too me bout dubstep and dnb and dat and share sum bassslines and ting... i got sum patches ere i made.. and dat... reply too me yeah.. safe

"edit"...lol... I rinced you bled mate and dat and ting but i revoked it now because all us bluds on here are all nuff safe bled nuff safe and ting and dat lol... and we dont do that. Cool me breadbin nuff safe.....and ting....and that.....init..........bled.
Thread: Sub Focus - Could this be real bass help

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RE: Sub Focus - Could this be real bass help 08-07-2010 17:41 Forum: Production questions & answers

That IS massive, id say their are two instances of massive going down and one of, started as "brutal electro" patch, different wavetable, synced lfo with subfocus magic onit mate... Sorry.
Thread: What studio monitors do you use?

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RE: What studio monitors do you use? 22-04-2010 12:07 Forum: Production questions & answers

KRK RP i use mate. Beast they are. youd strugle to get better for the price range i wrekon... Sephiroth chats sense thoe mate, but rokits an a beast interface... your rolling. I got g2 monitors with a G1 bass box, i use them for my decks to, i honestly couldnt be happier with them honestly but aparantly... stanton have acquired krk... not feeling that!...
Thread: For sale... N.I Massive

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For sale... N.I Massive 16-04-2010 13:51 Forum: Plugins

Version/Lang: Full/EN

Reason for sale as have purchased Komplete. Excellent condition, opened once installed then boxed up again, also comes with a $29 coupon unused which originaly came with it. FULLY DEREGISTERED, You do need an internet connection to activate this and anyother native instruments software.

£100 start bid, £125 buy it now, currently selling on N.I for 179 euro which equates to £157.98 FREE 1st class recorded postage UK MAINLAND ONLY. Postal insurance offered at buyers discretion, see auction for further detials.

Thread: FL studio audio problem

Replies: 11
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03-03-2010 11:25 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Everyones covered alot here mate, enough to make it work again id guess, id reinstall flstudio and your sound drivers.... you wont lose anything...
Thread: FL studio audio settings problem

Replies: 8
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RE: FL studio audio settings problem 03-03-2010 11:22 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Cheers for all your responses, unfortuntly none of you told me anything i didnt already know! so i havnt got a clue what is or was wrong with it, i reinstalled fl studio and it worked fine even thoue nothing was different in the audio or midi settings!... Cheers guys very thorough, the only other option was to reinstall otherwise it would of been hardware failure!...
Thread: FL studio audio settings problem

Replies: 8
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RE: FL studio audio settings problem 20-02-2010 12:49 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Nah mate it is the same problem using my pc keyboard as my synth, when i play it back in piano roll it sounds as it should...
Thread: FL studio audio settings problem

Replies: 8
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RE: FL studio audio settings problem 19-02-2010 12:09 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Um i dont know, when i press a key in massive for instance the preset just sounds like womm womwom when it should be like umwom wom umwom umwom wom.... but then when i play it back in piano roll its normal. It also does the same using my pc keyboard , Ive fromatted my synth... incase it was settings on there but obveously it is not...
Thread: FL studio audio settings problem

Replies: 8
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FL studio audio settings problem 14-02-2010 17:07 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Hi all, im having trouble with my audio settings i beleave, im running flstudio with an external audio interface and a midi synth. Now for some reason, when i play a key on my pc keyboard or my synth in piano roll it dosent sound the same as if i were to play the project.... how do i fix this?!
Thread: My Turntable Keeps Switching Off!

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RE: My Turntable Keeps Switching Off! 28-12-2009 16:10 Forum: Hardware

Sorry to hear that mate, i dont really know to behonest. There isnt anything more you can do if youve changed the fuse and lead, and youd void your warranty removing the cover anyway so i wouldnt bother mate. Youve done enough as an end user to intiate a repair or replacement. Your either have to take it to get serviced and/or send it to the manufacture for repair. Check your returns gurantee from the outlet you bought it in and/or manufactures warranty card that came with the product for more information.

Unlucky dude.
Thread: Massive VST crashes FL Studio (Very big shit mates...)

Replies: 34
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28-12-2009 15:57 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Originally posted by Z Day
Originally posted by c0rksteria

Buy the software you use!!!
I own massive it works lovelly with my owned fl studio and reason 4

Stop trolling, EVERYONE knows that reason doesn't work with vst plugins. And I think you'll find that most of the people on this forum can't afford to buy every piece of software they use, we're not all as rich as you Shakeshark

Heard of rewire? or dont you get that in the pirate version?!.... Im not rich either, i just save, and for a very long time mite i add so you dont get any respect from me mate. I got a shit job, i was a student, ive got a mortage two kids and a dog or two... ive bought everything i use. What do you spend your money on mate? so like if i wanted a buggati veyron, for 1000000 which i cant afford, it would be alrite to steal it and park it outside my house act asif its mine yeah? Theres a fair few of you on here touchy about piracy, i suggest you dont comment on anything to do with it, and defintly suggest you dont go in favor of it.
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