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Thread: How to separate "wet" and "dry" part of some effect?

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04-07-2011 14:37 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

This is indeed how it's done.
However i believe the "real" way 2 do it is routing the dry mixer channel 2 a send channel.
A send channel is basicly the same as any other mix channel altho u can't send it 2 other mixer channels afterwards, just 2 the master.
I don't use em alot myself except for example when i want multiple hi parts of my beat 2 have the same reverb or delay or something like that. Beats assigning 2 mixer tracks and an effect for every sample.
Thread: use of soundgoodizer on master?

Replies: 21
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16-05-2011 12:29 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

yeah imagine running sampled basslines trough that thing Gaga
Thread: gripz - Big Time (second Version)

Replies: 5
Views: 3,483
16-05-2011 12:26 Forum: Tunes

thank you both for the nice reply's Beer

@insidecorrosion : i'm actually talking with a female singer 2 do vocal's on this track. So fingers crossed for that oldskool vibe. If i get the vocals, i'll be doing a different mix of this song tho.

@skinley :i use FLstudio. got ozone but when i ran it trough it the filtered kick in the intro just ripped trough any cheap speaker i had.so i'll be taking some low end of them as u suggested.Could u plz explane the difference between spacing and EQ'ing? i thought they where 1 and the same.

PS: i saw your soundcloud picture, congrats on the kid.
Thread: SKINLEY - Getting There...

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16-05-2011 12:08 Forum: Tunes

nice vibe m8,

Have 2 agree with DB on the mid part of your bass, it kinda lay's on top of the rest.
i also think that the "drumstick" sound at 2:22 could use a bit of variation and maybe a little bit volume reduction.

Overall this is a great tune, i can c lot's a girls shacking there business at this 1 Bigup
Thread: Korg MS 2000

Replies: 0
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Korg MS 2000 13-05-2011 22:34 Forum: Hardware

Hello everyone,

I have a ms2000 rack module.
it's the virtual/analog younger brother of the ms 20 that most of u know from the legacy collection plugins.
It's great for making rich full pad's to heavy bass lines and the full control surface can be used in vocoder mode where the whole synth turns into a pretty complex vocoder.
So i was wondering if any one had one of these as well and if they had any tips/ tricks they wanted 2 share.
Thread: alternate force - Go !!!

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13-05-2011 20:37 Forum: Tunes

i got a bit of clipping at points nothing major tho.
i would put some filter action on the intro kick and maybe also on the intro synth cause u use it all the way till u'r intro.

great stuff with some touch ups a very usable tune.
Thread: simage - A Consuming Fire

Replies: 10
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13-05-2011 12:38 Forum: Tunes

sonic goodness,

loved it, can't say anything bad about it.

The vocals sound great imo.
dunno if u use fruity but if u do try running that vocal sample trough edison and then hit the blur button(the button with the water drop on it). i think ur gonna love that^^.

You could add some more "decorative" samples 2 liven the whole up but i don't think the tune really needs it.
Thread: Impact - Sometimes [128k]

Replies: 15
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13-05-2011 12:29 Forum: Tunes

That is some mighty impressive drum programming Doped .
I didn't really like the reverb on the snare/clap.
It sounds really cool but it stay's 2 long and the snare doesn't change position at all when it has that reverb on it making it stick out a bit imo.

The vibe is totally set, all u have 2 do is add some synth stabs/pads/impacts /sweeps, whatever u roll with.

Something i found 2 work great as a variation with this kinda beats is 2 drop all hi hat roll's and only keep the basic's of your beat and dropping all kinda reverb making it super snappy.
Provided u use u'r basic samples right at that point, wich i'm guessing u will Wink .

love the vocals maybe add some kinda fX'd pitched/harmonized versions in the main part u'r tune.

great work, gimme more Bigup
Thread: mattyb - Work It

Replies: 11
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13-05-2011 12:03 Forum: Tunes

I really like the synth of ur intro.

The vocal samples r great, tho i think u should apply the "less is more" rule of thumb throughout ur song regarding ur vocal samples.
Use them sparingly at times they really work and shine.
wouldn't want impact 2 go on a kitty stabfrenzy Devil

The beats are awesome, i don't have any comments on those.
except Drummer

as most have pointed out u need 2 add variation but because u'r still working on it i guess u still have 2 do that.

1:48 is nice but i also think u made bit of a compressor nono here.

overall a good track and with a bit of work it could be a great tune.
nice work Bigup
Thread: InsideCorrosion - Carlitos Way

Replies: 11
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13-05-2011 11:44 Forum: Tunes

I <3the intro, sounds very vangelis.

the beat sounds very typical, i would make a beat with other samples for the intro.
the drops works great tho , it reminds me of dilinja drops.
it's also the reason why i think ur beat samples work after the drop.
tho maybe u could fancy up ur beat roll's a bit and power down ur snare a bit .

And maybe add a sample from the movie.
i think u can get some real gems out of that movie.
Thread: gripz - Big Time (second Version)

Replies: 5
Views: 3,483
gripz - Big Time (second Version) 13-05-2011 11:23 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Big Time (second Version)' and post your comments here!

uploaded an unfinished version 2 day's ago.

Many thanks for all the nice feedback i got.
Your comments where really helpful.

hope u enjoy
Thread: gripz - Big Time

Replies: 8
Views: 3,707
12-05-2011 18:03 Forum: Tunes

thank you all for reviewing my tune. Bigup

i'v been working on it using your comments, and i think it turned out great.
i'll be uploading it in a few hours or tomorrow depending on when i can upload again.
Thread: use of soundgoodizer on master?

Replies: 21
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11-05-2011 01:07 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

First of i think the soundgoodizer is very usable.
I often use it on top of my other mastering effects.
And now with patcher u could actually make a 3 band soundgoodizer.
haven't tried that last 1 tho Tongue .

It's all good but i thought it was just a stupid remark killer, u probably never even used maximus not 2 mention any of the vsti's they have for sale.
I'm actualy very exited about there new synth Harmor.
Thread: Are sounds DAW-specific?

Replies: 13
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10-05-2011 23:05 Forum: Production questions & answers

what i actually meant with my remark was that starting producers should try 2 stay away or be very aware of these build in plug ins.
When i said it does something 2 a beginning producers sound i meant it in a bad way.
They often end up maxing all there volume knobs not understanding that the on board limiter is clipping the **** out of there track.

ps: lovephilter ownes massives preformer x1000000
Thread: Are sounds DAW-specific?

Replies: 13
Views: 4,574
10-05-2011 16:58 Forum: Production questions & answers

Don't some daw's have a build in compressor/limiter.
That should do something 2 the sound, at least for starting producers.
Thread: Impact - Ds03wipmix2

Replies: 6
Views: 3,532
10-05-2011 15:46 Forum: Tunes

It's weird but it got my wiggling in my chair.
Getting a soka vibe from the break at 1:53.
i personaly don't like the mix of synths and the reggae saxophone/trumpet( not sure here)samples. They both bring a different vibe.
Overall a nice tune and very danceable.
Thread: gripz - Big Time

Replies: 8
Views: 3,707
10-05-2011 14:08 Forum: Tunes

tnx battledrone Bigup
that totaly got past me.
i got myself studio monitors and everything just sounds so clear Listen , i still have 2 get used 2 that .
i'v already made some adjustments 2 it and it should be good now.
dunno if it's ok 2 upload multiple version. i noticed last time that was a bit unusual 2 do.
Thread: gripz - Big Time

Replies: 8
Views: 3,707
gripz - Big Time 10-05-2011 13:06 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Big Time' and post your comments here!

Something i'v been working on the last few day's.
I'm really pleased with the result.
Still have 2 add some roll's in the beat tho.
Just couldn't w8 2 show off with it Tongue .

Thread: Dethworm - Metatron's Cube

Replies: 10
Views: 4,353
10-05-2011 12:00 Forum: Tunes


i was like

Epic face Shocked
Epic face Happy
Epic face Doped

Jizz in my pants Gaga

That's some serious bad ass sound.
I luv it i want it i want it 2 have my baby's.
Plz finish it and gimme a download!!!!!!!!!!!

ps : ur "neurofunk toms" work great, why edit?
Thread: amptek - Calm Winds

Replies: 13
Views: 4,662
10-05-2011 11:43 Forum: Tunes

np amptek
when i said that the melody after the second drop was just precious i meant i loved it .^^ don't change it m8
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