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Thread: Reason 3 news

Replies: 110
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31-03-2005 11:06 Forum: Reason

i've just been experimenting again with combinator .. and

lol check this!!.. you can combine.. 2 or more combinators themselfs ..

then combine them again and again and again..

especialy nice if ya wanne control lotz of shit at the same time with ony 1 button Smile
Thread: Reason 3 news

Replies: 110
Views: 37,487
31-03-2005 03:12 Forum: Reason

got r3 running..

eq realy nice! equal to the vst diamand waves eq's imho

the maximaliser does its work..

and with some trickz you can compress every hz zone as much as you want you want:
-spider audio:-split your song to 4 eq's: now compress every eq! as you like..
then mini mixer to combine all them again into 1 Smile

the combinator is realy nice toy if you like to make your own synthz or whatever sounds...

now you can use 5 substractorz give them their own echo/reverbs.. .use different octaves
tweak around like hell.. Smile
put also in the eq etc... for nice vibe..
and use it as 1 instrument.
in other words..its like making your own vsti!

te best way to use all this . is to use reason 3.0 as a plugin into cubase(or whatever)

now there's no limmit any more
only $$$ soundcard needed Smile
i'm saving already

ps: reasonstation.net there are already combinators you can down for free Smile
Thread: *** B-complex Is A Production Metropolis *** Lets Make Him Massive!!!!

Replies: 4
Views: 3,142
07-03-2005 11:06 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

alot of people i know like that hunter song!..
realy i play it like 5 times a day..

get some recorddeals.. man
Thread: Reason 3 news

Replies: 110
Views: 37,487
07-03-2005 10:57 Forum: Reason

vst Frown
but then again...
the combinator will give you alot of freedom..
mixing wav's with maltrom synthz etc.. i think this will ceep us warm for a year..

now you finaly can make wonderfull padds with wikkid architectures..

and oooh FINALY the mastering part!
thatz the real shit i've been w8ting for!

hope they add a previeuw thingy on combinators zo you can record something live and preview with headphone and then let it come in with a fade.. for the public :-)

that would be THE bomb for me ! real live shit Smile
Thread: B-complex - Hunter

Replies: 58
Views: 20,012
21-01-2005 18:31 Forum: Tunes

this tune is REALLYyyy REALLLYYY good Smile
Thread: bjorn - bjorn corluy - stargazertrips

Replies: 2
Views: 2,520
bjorn - bjorn corluy - stargazertrips 20-01-2005 17:37 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'bjorn corluy - stargazertrips' in the listen page and post your comments here!!!
Thread: dnb.be beatbattle

Replies: 96
Views: 23,645
23-07-2003 15:02 Forum: Tunes

damnz i just read about this battle NOW! 23th..

i'm gonne try to make one ! i hope 28th means: 29th till 6 ocllock in the morning Smile
Thread: bjorn corluy -kids in trouble

Replies: 7
Views: 6,002
23-07-2003 14:55 Forum: Tunes

Thread: maybe one day

Replies: 7
Views: 6,525
zark part 4 19-11-2002 09:59 Forum: Tunes

this is a try out!..

the bass sound is ok ! just put fiilterstuff on it..
the drumz/hihatz needs some heavy recontruction..
i'd put some echo on the (voicy synth) sample

in general.. structure is what you need..

actually i self hav lotz of probs with making good structures..

i'm not a pessimist.. cause when itz good i also say Smile ..

ceep on doing yar thing!..

i'm composing stuff for 7yearz now.. and still learning new thingz!..
actually .. all the time!..

Thread: bjorn corluy -kids in trouble

Replies: 7
Views: 6,002
19-11-2002 09:52 Forum: Tunes

i just gave the link to that lable .. some break dudes released stuff on..

now cross fingerz!..

but then again.. the song isnt realy good to mix!
and is just 4min long... and i lost the files etc... to make it longer ..

but when i'm finisched with ma new song..
stargazertripz.. finidable in breakz.be..

i rrealy thiink this could be my first dnb song on 12" ...

i'll post it here when itz finisched..
got some good feedback on things i could change in it!..

so i gonne!..

Thread: bjorn corluy -kids in trouble

Replies: 7
Views: 6,002
bjorn corluy -kids in trouble 18-11-2002 10:51 Forum: Tunes

old dnb song of me! ..

cant change anything anymore but some feecback would be nice! this is ma 1ste dnb song ever! btw..

ya can find it at the homepage of this site!..

Thread: Just working on this

Replies: 10
Views: 4,882
18-11-2002 10:29 Forum: Tunes

indeed .. like it!..
finisch this baby !! plz..

Thread: fruityloops

Replies: 20
Views: 10,793
17-11-2002 17:15 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

reason2 the way to go!..
only fruity.. for making loopz!..
Thread: new song by bjorn Corluy

Replies: 2
Views: 3,871
new song by bjorn Corluy 15-11-2002 09:04 Forum: Tunes


i posted alrready in breakz but hey.. maybe someone here not from breakz!..

Cya around
Thread: second tune...still an honour :)

Replies: 8
Views: 4,863
15-11-2002 09:02 Forum: Tunes

love the rolling thing!z but song not my style!

must say! after smoking the greengrass itz good to listen to ..watching winampPlugin Smile

i'm more in to the hard stuff!..normaly
but keep up tha work!

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