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Thread: Fortitude & Ketz - Crocodile Tears [forthcoming Mindtech Recordings]

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Fortitude & Ketz - Crocodile Tears [forthcoming Mindtech Recordings] 06-10-2012 11:28 Forum: Nu choons

Forthcoming collaboration between myself and Fortitude on "Mind Technologies Vol 1" - release date Oct 15th '12

Thread: This is NOT the end. Dnbbe will NOT be taken offline soon.

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31-03-2012 12:08 Forum: Drumnbass.be news

really sad to see you closing up shop Chron Frown but understandable given the reasons you mentioned as well!

big ups to Chron, all the mods and members for making this such a great place to discuss dnb production over the years Bigup
Thread: Hardware or Software?

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RE: Hardware or Software? 19-02-2012 11:43 Forum: Hardware

in reason you can also make some chunky reeces using multiple malstroms (3 normally does the job, all saw waves but detuned by different amounts)

also making a nice basic reece sound in your soft synth of choice is a good starting point - to get that extra depth and movement you can resample your sounds into a sampler and twist it into a more "neuro" sound from there (search resampling on this site, there are a couple threads)
Thread: jeffijoe - Xsky - Trouble

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03-12-2011 11:24 Forum: Tunes

mate - you have seriously come a long way, really loved the tune from start to finish. big production real nice beats n bass - would drop it in a mix with no hesitation at all big ups Bigup

Thread: Uberchile - Gooseflux - Our World

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08-11-2011 12:18 Forum: Tunes

sounds wicked mate, love the combination of influences - with that Uberchile twist Bigup
Thread: Word Game

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13-08-2011 12:54 Forum: Offtopic banter

Originally posted by Muad'Dib
Pirate's way

wow is this still going Big Grin

Thread: Ketz - Mad Men

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25-03-2011 23:01 Forum: Production questions & answers

who's Ketz? Drummer Big Grin
Thread: Dangerous New Age Podcast 04 Mixed by Ketz

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Dangerous New Age Podcast 04 Mixed by Ketz 25-02-2011 21:52 Forum: DJ Mixes

ez all the Dangerous New Age Podcast 04 is now available to download Happy

you can download / listen to it directly from my soundcloud player:


1. Blame - Let it go (Cain Mos & Scoop Back2you Compeition Remix) [Dub]
2. Ketz - Cyber Guru [Nasha]
3. Int Company - Worlds Collide [Dangerous New Age Dub]
4. Task Horizon & Kim Kleinert - Tell Me (feat Keri Greenaway) [Live And Dangerous Dub]
5. Bad Ace & Ketz - Solace [Dub]
6. Ketz - Cyclic Theory [Dub]
7. KZSS - Damage Control [Dangerous New Age]
8. Loki - Psych [Bad Taste Dub]
9. Rico, Scoop & Repetition - Holla (feat Keri Greenaway) [Live And Dangerous]
10. Tonnie Fox - A Breath of Fresh Air [Dangerous New Age Dub]
11. Sephiroth - Scion [C2D Dub]
12. C-Sonix - Fire of Combat [Melting Pot]
13. Mechanical Freaks - Invasion [Dangerous New Age Dub]
14. Kryteria & Ketz - Alive (Task Horizon Remix) [C2D Dub]
15. Mind Warden - Third Moon [Dangerous New Age Dub]
16. Ketz feat J Clayton - Sitarmageddon [Dub]
17. Qo - Juggernaut [Dangerous New Age Dub]
18. STHS - Cruel Temptation [Dangerous New Age Dub]
19. Scoop, Cain Mos, Rene, La Vice & Dioptrics - Memories (feat Keri Greenaway) [Dub]
20. Ketz & Wreckage Machinery - Damnation [Mindtech]
21. Aeph - Burning Shadow (Prolix Remix) [Close 2 Death]
22. Ble3k - Prophecies (Remix) [Dangerous New Age Dub]
23. Kryteria & Ketz - Chains [Dub]
24. Zeal, Litta & Wreckage Machinery - Rampage [TRIM Dub]
25. Optiv - Stereotype [Mindtech Dub]
26. Anthrax - Insanity [Dangerous New Age Dub]
27. Insom - Coming to Earth [Dangerous New Age Dub]
28. Inside Info - Bit Rhythm [Trust in Music]
29. Billain - Coded [C2D Dub]
30. Artomik & Heitor - The Right Thing [Dangerous New Age Dub]
31. RRegula - Gravitron [Mindtech Dub]
32. Fortitude & Ketz - Panmixia [C2D Dub]
33. Ketz - Mankind (Ble3k Remix) [Abducted]
34. Qhymera - Dynamic Damage [Dangerous New Age Dub]
35. Fortitude - Womb to Tomb [C2D Dub]

Hope you enjoy the mix Drummer
Thread: Birthdayz

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07-02-2011 20:48 Forum: Offtopic banter

yeah happy birthday to the creator of this wonderful site! big ups mr chron hope u have a good one Bigup Drummer Big Grin
Thread: How to get your kicks right

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03-02-2011 12:44 Forum: Production questions & answers

So I'm probably saying what others have already said, but just so I'm covering all the areas I think are important:

As the old saying goes (you can't polish a turd etc) use the best hi quality samples as possible, I normally layer 2 kicks at the very most nowadays (with possibly a 3rd kick from an actual break) but yeah 1 lower "boomier" type sound with more low end / low mids and a 2nd "punchier" sound with more mids / hi mids. both layers eq'd separately taking out what isn't needed in both and bringing out the frequencies that you need to in both as well (which in turn depends on what samples you've used).

I'll then combine these layers and process them once again as a whole with some more careful EQing and also compression to give them that compact edge. With compressing kicks I normally keep a fairly fast attack (15 - 20ms) and I'll adjust the ratio and threshold depending on how the kick works in the mix with all the other elements. Compression is a good way of getting your kicks boxey and compact without needing to push the overall volume too hard.

Generally the boost at 70 - 110hz will give you a nice punch although, for me the best tip i can give is just to make sure you don't have tooo much low end in ur kick, i always find that especially when you have a sub underneath it you can actually save a lot of headroom by taking out some of the 30 - 60hz area from the kick. Here again just be careful not to take too much low end out so that your kick ends up sounding tiny, its just about acheiving a good balance. Also sidechaining - not necessarily to the bass but also to the various percussion layers can definately help define it more and pop out that extra bit.

Another little tip is to use a sharp cut on your sub bass where you kick is peaking (70 - 110hz or wherever it happens to be), with this you may not really need to sidechain your bass and kick they can happily sit together in the mix.

my 2p anyways Smile
Thread: Been a while!

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RE: Been a while! 01-02-2011 00:30 Forum: Offtopic banter

yep wrm is one of be's finest talents, new stuff sounding fantastic mate great to see u movin onwards n upwards Bigup Drummer
Thread: [MIX] Dave Wood - Jan11

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RE: [MIX] Dave Wood - Jan11 30-01-2011 18:47 Forum: DJ Mixes

wicked tracklist mate, gna get on this! Bigup
Thread: Guest Mix on Friction BBC Asian (Eastern DnB)

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Guest Mix on Friction BBC Asian (Eastern DnB) 29-01-2011 14:17 Forum: DJ Mixes

ez all, here's a 30min mix I did for the Friction show on BBC Asian last year. The theme was Eastern influenced dnb but there's also some tech / neuro in there, you can download directly off my soundcloud page Happy


Zeal, Litta & Ketz - Rakshash [Fallout Recordings]
Aphrodite - Calcutta [V2 Records]
Ges-e & Osmani Soundz - The Calling [Nasha Records]
Flame & Encode - Scary Puppets [Fallout Recordings]
The Nasha Experience & Swati Natekar - Dayam [Nasha Records]
Future Cut - Horns 2000 [Renegade Hardware]
Klute - Ashram [Commercial Suicide]
Ketz - Kali Matha [Trust in Music]
Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Calyx & Teebee - Confession [Momentum Music]
Nitin Sawhney - Nadia [Outcaste Records]
Thread: New C-Sonix tunes

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RE: New C-Sonix tunes 20-01-2011 00:07 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

wicked stuff seph! Drummer Big Grin
Thread: reversed samples in reason

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RE: reversed samples in reason 10-01-2011 23:45 Forum: Production questions & answers

load up ur sound in an NN-XT sampler, right above the "Pitch" section on the sampler there is a dial that says "Play Mode", which is currently set to FW, just turn it till it says BW on the display, job done Happy
Thread: Birthdayz

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10-01-2011 01:08 Forum: Offtopic banter

Happy Birthday Jimmy ol boy! Drink
Thread: "Sweeping" bass?

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07-01-2011 22:53 Forum: Production questions & answers

Originally posted by jeffijoe
@Ketz - When you do the sweeping, do you do it on the whole sound source, or only a part of it, like the mid's? Because I have been trying to do the Lo-Mid-Hi splitting, and it's not producing the results I am looking for Frown

completely depends on the bass i'm working on, what filter mode its set to, there's no hard and fast rules really, as long as it sounds good! Allears Big Grin
Thread: Birthdayz

Replies: 1,235
Views: 458,400
06-01-2011 11:50 Forum: Offtopic banter

happy belated Ethan, hope you had a wicked one Bigup
Thread: Make a tune online

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05-01-2011 02:11 Forum: Offtopic banter

lol wicked Big Grin

Thread: "Sweeping" bass?

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RE: "Sweeping" bass? 31-12-2010 18:28 Forum: Production questions & answers

Originally posted by TarekFM
I probably could have just said that instead of my ultra-lengthy response!!! Tongue

not at all mate, i was the one being lazy, hopefully my explanation sufficed! Wink
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