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Thread: Where y'all from??

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12-05-2003 22:18 Forum: Offtopic banter

from Edegem ( 10min from Antwerp ), & actually it's a clean Confused med-sized shit-hole Huh .
The people here r so conservative it makes u sick...
d'n'b is rarely heard off ( maybe locals will recognize this term as marching "fanfare" - band music Cry ) & pathetic mainstream genres like nu-metal , r&b , and (especially) punkrock r the local youth (wich I refer 2 as "huppelkutjes") main musical-occupations..
By any chance they know 2 play more than 3 chords on their guitar , ... but that is just one amongst many things that r very rare 'round here...

( Big Grin Thank god i'm only in Edegem during the weekend , otherwise u can find me wanderin' 'round in Gent , if I even leave... Big Grin )

There r some pluspoints ,tho...
Antwerp is only 10min away & just recently heard (these could be rumors) that DJ Vizor just lives next door in Kontich Bigup ...

Personally I like Antwerp & Gent the best 4 party'in... (Leuven is kinda dead durin' the weekend...)

I'm only half Belgian , & the other half is mainly Irish ...
( wich I have the haircolor 2 prove it... Tongue )
Thread: psycotiq² {shade shifter} - Amphetnocaïne EP

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12-05-2003 11:00 Forum: Tunes

Thanx 4 the comment & the (constructive) criticism ( wich i can appreciate )...
This is still a work in progress 'cause , this version i made 4 skool , the next (& hopefully last) version will be made the way i want it ...
( the teachers can dig a break or two , but not 2 much tho Confused ... )
Indeed , the track is to long , but it had to be in function of the shortfilm ...

i will re-patternize this track & put some mo' variation in the bassline "FX" & put a more "live" feel 2 it...
Then I'm gonna shorten it up & export it to 128kbps...

Together with an upcomin' track called "Angel Duster" (due this summer) , they will be released on the "Amphetnocaïne EP". Huh

Keep in mind ,tho. I made this track with limited equipment & resources...

4 the sampling & mastering part , I used Wavelab 4.0
& for the structure , build-up(?) , melody & FX , I only used Fruity 3.5...
Thread: psycotiq² {shade shifter} - Amphetnocaïne EP

Replies: 7
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first track !!! 11-05-2003 22:19 Forum: Tunes

Kinda new on this site , but i've been checkin' out some of the work upped here and all sounds good ... Big Grin

now anywayz,...
This track is a lil' sumthin I had been workin on 4 skool.. I was makin a short-movie about : "Psycho" & "Hitchcock" , ...
So I made a soundtrack 4 it ... ( & actually its better than the movie Crying ).
It's in 80kbps Cry though , but that way i could fit the entire track on this site , ...
Later ( in the vacation ) I will up an aditional track , to support this one .
Together they will be released on the "Amphetnocaïne EP"...

So tell me what u think bout it:
( keep in mind , it has a "psycho" theme connected to it & actually its not dance-music , it's a soundtrack).
Thread: fruityloops

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03-02-2003 09:26 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

Wazzup , people

kind a new in this , i 've been making tracks 4 about 2 years now , I just recently discovered there's a site with like-minded people who create their own music too...

Fruity is pretty good sequencer ( specially if u download the xtra plugin-packs ... Pleased )
But after that you'd better export ur tracks to some heavier software , like Sonar XL 2 of Cake Walk Pro Audio 9 ( this is what I use ).

Peace, to Gripz & Noztrakz , keep up the good work! Tongue

I'll be upping some of my tracks , laterz...

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