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Thread: FUNNY Powercore demonstrations

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11-04-2005 19:42 Forum: Producers private board

what a cock, you can tell by the gay-display on his t-shirt! It graphically expresses his gayness!

if i wasnt already aware of their products, i wouldnt buy their stuff after that!
Thread: best drum machine

Replies: 12
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17-03-2005 18:14 Forum: Production questions & answers

Just go and buy reason. It has a drum machine and synths and samplers. Im sure u can get version 2.5 cheap now that v3 has come out. Although you'll need either version 3 or a good mastering program (oZone/Adobe Audition is my personal favourite)
Thread: Any distrction

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17-03-2005 02:53 Forum: Offtopic banter

Cheers for the response.

Thats kinda the idea i was going for but instead eliminating the non maximum elements from the list. Ill see if your way is better. The language is Haskell, its a bit odd!!

edit: It works!!!

This is the solution:

maxBorrow :: Database -> [Person]
maxBorrow dBase = map getMaxPerson maxList
where loanInfo = findLoanInfo dBase
maxList = filter (isMax dBase) loanInfo

isMax :: Database -> (Person, Int) -> Bool
isMax dBase (_,l) = l==maxLoan dBase

getMaxPerson :: (Person,Int) -> [Char]
getMaxPerson (p,_) = p

Cheers for the help!
Thread: Any distrction

Replies: 4
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16-03-2005 21:35 Forum: Offtopic banter

I have decided to go and smoke (and try and work on a laptop).

I know this is a bad idea, im prepared for the risk. Still, if anyone can answer that question, id gladly have a victory smoke with them. c'mon ppl, free weed - an answer is all i need!!
Thread: Any distrction

Replies: 4
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Any distrction 16-03-2005 21:07 Forum: Offtopic banter

I am writing this post purely to avoid answering the final question of my Computer science assessment. I have been scratching my head for hours. Tea just wont fix it, spliffs will just make me more apathetic. Anyone who is up for a challenge, here is the question (answers in Haskell by 4:00 tomorrow!!)

-- Who has borrowed the most videos in a given database?
-- Note that a list is returned; that allows for the possibility that
-- more than one person may have borrowed the maximum number.
-- Hint: you need to run through all the people in the database and to
-- test whether they have borrowed the maximum number (calculated using
-- the function maxLoan).
-- maxBorrow exampleBase = ["Greg","Annabelle"]

My solution is:

maxBorrow dBase = filter (isMax ln dBase) loanInfo
where loanInfo = findLoanInfo dBase
ln = map (loans dBase) (peopleIn dBase)

isMax :: Int -> Database -> Bool
isMax x dBase = x==maxLoan dBase

but it doesnt work.

Not expecting any answers, just trying to make the time go by.
Thread: Kill The Radio!

Replies: 15
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16-03-2005 20:14 Forum: Offtopic banter

hmmm.... dnb.be radio....
Thread: Drumnbass.be T-Shirts

Replies: 144
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16-03-2005 20:08 Forum: Offtopic banter

I know this is prob a bit late by now but im quite good friends with a dude who lives in a printing shop. They can print anything on anything (up to the size of those massive bill-board posters!!). Its in england tho. Let me know if its any use.

Im sure they could do slipmats (they def do mousemats)

Id buy 2 and one for my friend. heh
Thread: Mixing Desks

Replies: 12
Views: 4,541
16-03-2005 18:38 Forum: Hardware

I think the DI box changes the impedence of the input. Effictively all it does is make an input that would otherwise sound shitty (i dont know if you've ever tried recording guitar straight into a mixer or soundcard) sound nice and clean.

My friend with the mixer has the orange behringer DI box, it sounds quite nice. He (and i too) have recorded many guitar parts through it. It certainly does the job. Would definately recommend getting either one of those or an amp simulator (line 6 is a good make although can be expensive) an put it between the input and the mixer.

If you are recording guitar on a budget, i would recomend Zoom 50x series of FX. there all about £50 quid and you get a PSU and expression pedal(!). Its good for the price. I've got a 505 and its been going for years (even has an amp simulator)
Thread: What a soundsystem!

Replies: 27
Views: 9,877
16-03-2005 18:08 Forum: Hardware

Heh, thats well funny!! wasnt expecting that either!!
Thread: What a soundsystem!

Replies: 27
Views: 9,877
16-03-2005 14:04 Forum: Hardware

is that a cup of tea near the DJ????


Anyone seen the lego men rolling a spliff?? ill try to find that Big Grin
Thread: Mixing Desks

Replies: 12
Views: 4,541
16-03-2005 14:02 Forum: Hardware

My mate has a behringer eurodesk (?) mixer. Its pretty good. I think all of their hardware is pretty reasonable (especially for the price). Word of advice, if you're recording live instruments without a mic, a DI box would be a worthwhile purchase.
Thread: MIDI/USB controller

Replies: 26
Views: 12,427
16-03-2005 13:57 Forum: Hardware

I got an evolution MK425C. Its a compact version with only 2 octaves. Thats cool tho cos i cant play piano anyway!!. Its a pretty good keyboard, all the buttons and knobs are assignable. I would recomend downloading M-Audio's enigma if it doesnt come with it. Its a free download, good for assigning the various buttons.

Watch out if you're using reason tho, the edit midi assignments thing allows 2 devices to be controled by the same button on the keyboard. Sometimes you cant un-map the one that isnt required. I think this is a "feature" as my keyboard has a reason setting. Its pretty gay tho, half of the pre-assigned controls aren't the ones i'd personally want to manipulate readily.

Hope this helps.
Thread: best guitar synth ever?

Replies: 30
Views: 9,165
11-03-2005 00:35 Forum: Production questions & answers

I havent checked if one exists already but would anyone be interested in guitar samples? I am a guitarist and i have a number of guitars and effects. I could record various notes and shit. Even some loopable bits (i heard someone say tapping) or some riffs. PM me if interested.

Cheers for the info Daemon79. thats quite detailed. Unfortunately my maths isnt nearly good enough for that. I was hoping my computer science degree would cover something on music. They do teach us how to transform computer graphics. Could the algorithms for image manipulation be modified for sound?? Have you ever tried coding audio apps in Java and is it reasonably easy to move to c++? (i have vs.net and maple)
Thread: Naaaaaame That Program!

Replies: 21
Views: 6,527
08-03-2005 20:50 Forum: Production questions & answers

Its not reason on either monitor. He's got a few pro-tools racks in the background (directly behind the mic) and i think they only work with the pro-tools software. I reckon pro-tools with some VSTs or whatever the equivalent is. Thats a hardcore setup hes got there, dont think that lot would fit in my bedroom somehow (although trying would be nice!)
Thread: I am noob, hear me roar

Replies: 9
Views: 4,955
01-03-2005 02:07 Forum: Tunes

Dude, thats pretty good. Must say i support this style of drum and bass. Drums need to be louder.

What model is your ibanez?? Im an ESP man myself but ibanez is definately the shit!

(Sorry this review was shit, im quite stoned) Spliff Rasta Spliff
Thread: *Izah* - Jar - The Idea

Replies: 9
Views: 4,944
28-02-2005 21:03 Forum: Tunes

The intro synths sound almost a little trancy. Nice drum sound when it kicks the 1st time. Like the bass before the drop (maybe slightly more filtered would be better). Bit too much going on after the drop. Liking the breakbeat feel somewhere around 2:30. Could do with a little more variation in the bassline. Apart from that tho, tell your mate, well done, this is a phat track!

(The bass sound should be more like it is at 4:47 - thats hardcore)
Thread: Samoth - Noctis Dominus

Replies: 7
Views: 3,712
Samoth - Noctis Dominus 28-02-2005 20:51 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Noctis Dominus' and post your comments here!!!

This is my first go at using cut up breaks so go easy on me. Bonus points for anyone who knows where the sample is from.
Thread: camo - keep on luvin me

Replies: 17
Views: 4,602
28-02-2005 19:36 Forum: Tunes

I think the bass could be a little more pronounced in this track, it sounds like a background sound as opposed to a bassline. The flutes are cool tho and i like the drum sound. The track doesn't really go anywhere if you know what i mean - gets a little repetative. The vocal samples are fitted in nicely. Good effort, even tho this isn't my kind of thing.
Thread: B-complex - Amazon Rain

Replies: 59
Views: 27,616
25-02-2005 18:21 Forum: Tunes

Man thats phat! sounds like it should be on that Black sun empire cd!!

Well done!
Thread: Soi - ::1::

Replies: 15
Views: 5,475
25-02-2005 18:17 Forum: Tunes

Intro is quite chilled, it actually sounds nice on my speakers which is a rareity. The drum fill before the drop is cool. Like the drum pattern, thats really cool. Bass line feels like its lacking something after it drops. Good track, nice production.

2/5 - find out what its lacking.
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