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Posted by Greyone on 16-01-2006 at15:20:


yo frisk

2nd listen to this track now , i really like the whole , just some EQing


intro goes well , just the high end is too much (hats) , listening with closed headphones (senheiser).
pitched vocal is fukin nice.
intro could be a bit longe'r imo...
drop is massive indeed , how much drumloops did you used lol , reece is phat , just the eqing fucks some things up ... like you sqeezed the drumz throug everything wich is good , but some low/mid clipping sometimes.
structure & overall are very very decent Bigup
Skwonne , big improvement imo

Posted by PLaGuE CeLL on 16-01-2006 at22:03:

  RE: Friscko - It's Not Over

I like the abstract ambience at the beginning, bit squarepushery, i think the hi hat is a bit tinny and midi-ish

good use of the amen Smile me likey da amen break and this is good stuff
the bas sounds a bit distorted, is this intentional? it sounds like its just clipping and distorting...
the abstarct ambience becomes to sorta, pure...? like pure sound, needs a saw wave to beef it up a bit i think?
i really wish my pc speakers were good, cos i cant tell if theres any sub bass :S i think it needs a contrasting section, although im all for mentalness, (hell, im a huge fan of death metal) a breakdown would be nice. the 'its not over' vox would be perfect for paving out that section if you were to do it.
i like the ibiza club style thingy at 2:29, perhaps a bit louder tho...

Posted by Friscko on 16-01-2006 at22:18:


Originally posted by greyone
drop is massive indeed , how much drumloops did you used lol

about 10, i think Roll Eyes Big Grin
and i'm not counting the amen filtering in and the "percusive" one at the second drop.. Big Grin

Posted by Friscko on 18-01-2006 at13:54:


wednesday afternoon bump Big Grin

Posted by equipped on 20-01-2006 at03:21:


Nice production,...full soundin,...classic pithed vocal's,...huge drop man,..absolutly huuge! Shocked ,...bass is mixed well on my end, but there's little bit a blarring goin on->2:11,...track could do with another break,..get's a bit repetative,..but dam man the shit's hittin hard,..this be some crazy shit Friscko.. Evil

Posted by Skull Smasher on 20-01-2006 at14:23:


Choirs from the intro are out of tune. The vocals have been used to death and sound very housey. Reece is nice though. Tramens are baning, but also quite old sounding. The 2-step pattern doesn't work for this tune, stick to non-2-step beat patterns. Overall sound seems to clip quite a bit. Whach those levels man! Ough, that new choir stab that comes in is out of key a hell of a lot too! Tune your samples if they are out of tune! Thisone has potential, but levels and tuning needs a lot of work. And ditch that crappy vocal!

Posted by stiffer on 23-10-2007 at15:05:


likin the track old skool esque vibez
i like the reece!! ha lol. sorry surora.
your high end in this track is TOO bright to the point that it almost hurts your ears.
the firefight break is a bit louder than the amen and so cuts through a little too much
i do like this tho pure filth

Posted by syneptic on 24-10-2007 at20:45:


mega distortion !!

i would change the intro too - probably a delay and reverb or kinf of this over the choirs - its too hard edged and cut for me

i really like the idea - and the tune could be so great !!!! but honestly i cant listen to it because it ruins my ears - way too compressed and distorted !

Posted by Friscko on 24-10-2007 at20:47:


Friscko - The Filthy Ping Pang

review that, at least you'll tell me something usefull, instead of telling me stuff about a tune that's one year old and i already know for a year.. Red Face Roll Eyes

Posted by syneptic on 24-10-2007 at21:07:



sorry - i havent seen that - and for your information - i already reviewed that one Wink

calm down

Posted by Friscko on 24-10-2007 at21:57:


sorry if it came over a bit mad, that wasnt my intention Tongue

Posted by OBLIVION12 on 17-11-2007 at11:14:


ok you got a nice intro beat coming in.. but i feel the sound in the background is too high pitched for my taste.. the snare could however use a bit more. i like the punchy snares that stand out... i like that lfo bass kinda sound that pops in once in a while.. and then the bass that builds uip your track at about 1 min.. is pretty cool... with a nice sample.. props... ohhh and then the kick in of the beat is kinda sudden would propose an addition of a trick here and there... too sudden!... i like some of the mash ups you place inbetween your track... i like your add of percussion making the track nice and rolly... keep on... pretty cool track...and i gotta say the snare feels better in place now... peace:>

Posted by OBLIVION12 on 17-11-2007 at11:38:


nice old skool intro, nice use of filters on the drop. proper tear it down when it drops, well worked beats and the "its not over vocal is used well, not over used, it does sound a little distorted now and then but it adds to the darkside sound of the tune, the sub bass didnt appear to be loud enough for me. i was nodding my head through this, which is a good sign i suppose, quite impressive i think, im thinking of uploading some of my tunes on here, ive got my work cut out so i better get busy, it sounds good at the first drop where the echo leads into a silent section and then the filter drums build it up untill it drops. thats my favourite part

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