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Posted by Uberchile on 28-12-2009 at19:43:

  Uberchile - Quantum Cubed - Gravity

Please check out my new track 'Quantum Cubed - Gravity' and post your comments here!

Hi guys,

Big Tune for the New Year

Spent a long time on this one.

As always let us know what you think, many thanks.


Posted by killerkb on 29-12-2009 at03:00:


Loved how you split the intro in 2. Around 00:22 it just changes style, and gets allot more 'aggressive'. Which I personally find really appealing.
The overall track is loud, pretty dark and gritty. And I just so happen to love that.

The kicks were great, and I really enjoyed the melody. Gave a great vibe'.

All in all, I'm downloading this for sure!

Posted by theaudiodemon on 29-12-2009 at14:11:


Good track needs slight bit more EQ'ing besides that good track Wink

Audio Demon

Posted by BattleDrone on 29-12-2009 at23:02:


Good basswork, good mixdown.
Could do with some more mastering to make everything glue more the different elements in the mix sound very "separated" (which means good EQing and good choice of sounds ofcourse).
Indeed a big tune. If you want to send this to labels (which I would find a good idea) then you might want to spend a couple of bucks to get it mastered by a pro. This tune is like Ali Baba's cave, there's lots of gold in there but it has to be opened first.

Posted by Surora23 on 30-12-2009 at00:59:


Engineerin sounds ok... The reecy bass is a bit typical and dated for new dnb.. so if youre gonna use one, imo id say make it a bit more stabby than so running... needs some more movement regarding structure and sequencing.. sfx, something...

other than that, decent idea, just needs to be refined...

Posted by Anarky on 30-12-2009 at02:00:


ye nice build-up in the intro.wicked tension buildin wiv the filterd beats n fx n evryfin.nice drop-that bass fukkin smashes in absolutely rippin!nice little bass edits n like where beat switches at bout 1.30 an the bridge/build-up is phat! drums r sweet.overall 2 me eq'in n that sounds sweet-very loud n in ur face like it ment 2 be.hevvy tune

Posted by Uberchile on 30-12-2009 at21:40:


Cheers for all the feedback. Very helpful as always.
I will investigate the pro mastering.

Thanks again


Posted by carmod on 31-12-2009 at01:35:


like the tune a lot!

think bass has slightly be too much mid tho

Posted by tryptech on 02-01-2010 at12:14:


fucking tight drum,
nice synths, bass has may be to much high end
but nice effects man cant do it better myself,
great sound

Posted by SteakJohnson on 05-01-2010 at01:55:


This track has by far one of the coolest buildups ive ever heard, I really love those complex sounding arps. One criticism is that in my opinion the reese should be somehow filtered in beat to the drums becuase imo it takes up alotaa space in the mix. Kick n snare sound great, hats sound nice n clean, if I were you though I would place a time a more powerful hat in there, which would greatly increase speed. Once again the bass sounds good but it would sound even better modulated through like a bs filter or comb filter or even if you automate phasing/flanging. dirtiness sounds great though, just doesnt have enuff variation.

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